Repeat Options and Duplicate Credit

UK Advising Manual
Repeat Options
A repeat option allows a currently enrolled student who has taken a UK course twice to
have only the second grade included in the student’s UK GPA.
This option will allow a student (specifically, someone who is enrolled in a current term)
to have their grade for the second attempt of a course calculated into the GPA, instead
of the grade from the first attempt of a specific class. A repeat option does not remove
the first grade listed on the transcript. It simply removes the first course from the GPA
Students have 3 repeat options that they may use during their undergraduate career.
Students may file a repeat option one time per course.
The second completion of a course is the grade used in the GPA calculation once a
repeat option is filed.
Repeat options may not be used to remove a “W” from the transcript.
The University of Kentucky Bulletin says:
An Undergraduate student has the option to repeat once as many as three different
completed courses with only the grade, credit hours, and quality points for the second
completion used in computing the student’s academic standing and credit for
graduation. The limit of three Repeat Options holds for a student’s entire undergraduate
career no matter how many degrees or programs are attempted.
For example: if a student fails a class in their first attempt of a course (regardless of the
amount of credit hours assigned to that course) and follows that up with a successful
attempt in the class the second time, the quality points, quality hours and earned hours
of the first attempt will be removed from the student’s GPA calculation, and the quality
points, quality hours and earned hours from the second attempt will be reflected in the
student’s academic record.
It is important to remember that the second attempt will always count if a student files a
repeat option. So, if a student fails a class two times and earns an A in the third attempt,
only the first E will be removed from the GPA if the student files a repeat option. The
second E will count in the GPA and the A will also count in the GPA.
Additional Repeat Option Specifics
A student planning on using a Repeat Option MUST repeat the same class at the
University of Kentucky (for example, a student cannot take a second attempt at BCTC
and file a Repeat Option).
A student must file an official Repeat Option form in the College in which the student is
currently enrolled.
Repeat Options and Duplicate Credit
UK Advising Manual
A student must exercise any Repeat Option applicable before the student has
completed their undergraduate degree.
The Repeat Option can only be used on the second attempt of a course, not in any
further attempts.
A student may not use a Repeat Option when retaking a course on a Pass/Fail basis if
the course was originally taken for a letter grade.
If a student withdraws from their second attempt at a course and receives a W, the
Repeat Option may be used on that same course for the third attempt.
The initial attempt is NOT removed from the student’s academic transcript; instead the
student’s transcript will reflect that the student has repeated the course underneath the
first listing of that course. It reads “Exclude Earn/Grade Repeat Crs”.
Repeat options are only processed during semesters in which the student is enrolled.
For example, a student registered for fall who submits a repeat option in the summer
semester will not have their repeat option processed until the fall semester begins.
However, if the student were enrolled in the summer, the grade could be processed in
that term.
In order to file a repeat option, the student can complete a repeat option form in the
student services office of their college. The student will need to know their ID number,
the course prefix, the course number, and the first and second term in which they took
the course. This form will be sent to the Registrar’s Office and should be processed
within a few weeks. The student will know that the form has been processed once the
notation appears on their unofficial transcript.
Duplicate Credit
A student may earn credit hours and associated quality points for a course only once,
unless the course is designated as repeatable. A student who has enrolled more than
once for the same non-repeatable course will be awarded credit hours and associated
quality points only for the first time the course is completed with a passing grade during
the student‘s academic career. This policy applies regardless of the source (e.g.
transfer, AP, etc.), unless the student properly exercises the Repeat Option.
If a student completes the first attempt of a class with a passing grade then fails the
second attempt of the same class they can request the Duplicate Credit option to be
applied and the second attempt will not be used in GPA/Quality hours/ or Earned hours
calculations of the student’s academic record.
Each college should submit duplicate credit to the Registrar’s office for removal.
Students should consult with their individual college regarding how Duplicate Credit is
Repeat Options and Duplicate Credit