Build English vocabulary proficiency in no more than 15 minutes per

Build English vocabulary proficiency in no more than 15
minutes per day with English in a Flash .
Reading is the single most important skill children learn in school. Without adequate
vocabulary, reading comprehension is difficult and frustrating. In addition to everyday
language, children must develop content-specific vocabulary for success in the
Only English in a Flash helps students quickly learn the content-area vocabulary necessary for
success in specific subjects. With English in a Flash, you can close the vocabulary gap between
your English language learners (ELLs) and other struggling students, and their classmates.
With English in a Flash you can help your students:
Learn vocabulary effectively and efficiently in no more
than 15 minutes a day.
Develop their content-area vocabulary so they can succeed
with academic standards.
Begin their study at the appropriate vocabulary levels.
Focus on vocabulary while learning grammatical structures
Improve listening, speaking, reading and writing in
“English in a Flash is a
good fit for those students
whose background in
English is weak, and
especially good for those
who have no English
background at all.”
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Help students build a solid foundation of English vocabulary.
English in a Flash quickly builds English language learners’ listening vocabulary, increasing their listening
comprehension skills and building phonics and phonemic awareness capacity.
English in a Flash helps you:
Differentiate Instruction
English in a Flash places students according to their
vocabulary knowledge so that each student spends the time
learning the vocabulary they need.
Optimise Exposure to Comprehensible Input
Helps students learn faster and retain more by providing
input that contains language just beyond the student’s
current ability.
Increase Core-Subject Vocabulary
English in a Flash concentrates on increasing students’
vocabulary, including Basic Interpersonal Communication
Skills (BICS) and Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency
Utilise Practice Activities, including Printable Flash
English in a Flash incorporates listening, speaking, reading,
and writing activities to reinforce the use of vocabulary and
grammatical structures after they are introduced.
English in a Flash addresses
the following paradox:
“The number one source of reading
comprehension difficulties among
language minority learners and their
classmates is low vocabulary
(Lesaux & Kieffer, 2010).
Research shows a strong
correlation between reading and
vocabulary knowledge. In other words,
students who have a large vocabulary
are usually good readers.
ELLs, as a result, face a learning
paradox: on the one hand they need
vocabulary to be able to read
effectively; on the other hand, one
of the best ways for them to acquire
vocabulary is through reading.
Select Appropriate Books
Use AR BookFinderTM to locate books at students’
appropriate vocabulary levels.
She’s playing with a black
and white soccer ball
a black and white soccer ball
a soccer ball
Vocabulary words are taught in Lessons
1 - 3. Vocabulary words are placed in
phrases and short sentences in Lesson 4,
and sentences and dialogues in Lesson 5.
This sequence provides comprehensible
input that increases by chapter.
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