Achieve Your Business and IT Goals with Help

Achieve Your Business and
IT Goals with Help from CA Services
How Does CA Services Approach
an Engagement?
Whether its planning, implementing or running our industry leading software, CA Services can help you receive
maximum business value from your IT investments.
We deliver value quickly to help transform your business with our customer-centric services that provide flexibility and
scalability to meet your requirements, regardless of your size.
•Install, configure and deploy your CA Technologies
•Drive adoption, simplify upgrades and streamline
•Go live quickly with your core solution while preparing
for additional capabilities
•Align IT with desired business outcomes
Get on the Right Path While Delivering
Quick Solution Value
CA Services offerings help provide tangible, measurable value to your enterprise.
Quality counts and so do outcomes. Our team can help to overcome business and
technology challenges, improve operational efficiency and reduce risk usually
associated with complex projects, so you can count on faster time to value and
improved ROI from your software investment.
• Precision and quality based on best
practices developed over thousands of
projects in all IT environments
• Insight into the complex
interdependencies involved when
deploying an enterprise-wide solution
• Unsurpassed domain expertise and CA
Technologies product knowledge
• Flexible range of services to suit your
needs and scale
• Added value from being closely aligned
to product development, support, and
education resources
• Market leading methodology that
balances speed and efficiency with
proven best practices
“C A worked with us to ensure a seamless migration from Compuware
to CA Technologies. They knew if it wasn’t successful for us, it
wouldn’t be successful for CA.”
VP of Information Technology, First Data Corp
Implementation Services
Efficient and Flexible Solution Deployments Focused On Business Outcomes.
Implementation Services from CA Technologies provide a highly configurable solutions that can be quickly adopted to
rapidly achieve business and IT goals. Composed of Foundation Services and optional configurable Acceleration Services,
this model provides flexibility without extensive customization and follows an established, prescriptive approach
supported by proven best practices.
Learn more about CA Implementation Services
“We have a successful history of using CA products and services. CA technology is an integral part of our
strategy and works closey with us on innovation. Recent work together has taken a strategic project from
initiation to a production platform in 3 months.”
Tomas Kadlec, Tesco Group Infrastructure IT Director
Foundation and Acceleration Services
Foundation Services
Acceleration Services
Each solution has a configurable set of
Implementation Services. First, we start by laying
a solution foundation and delivering the essential
functionality to address your primary business
requirements. This model speeds solution
deployment, reduces loss of workforce productivity
and accelerates time-to-value to get you up
and running quickly. The framework is built
to accommodate new capabilities and growth
as your needs evolve.
We then help you extend the value of your solution
by implementing additional functionality and/or
configurations – that can respond or expand to your
unique requirements. Designed for quick deployment,
acceleration services often include enabling features
available in the core solution, adding modules,
Packaged Work Products or other elements to
enhance the capabilities of the core solution.
CA Express Install
CA Express Install enables your IT services by delivering a future-ready framework that brings streamlined
factory efficiency and consistency to your deployment by eliminating many manual deployment processes.
This prescriptive approach requires fewer resources, less time, offers better protection and increases the
speed to value.
Learn more about CA Express Install
Solution Delivery Methodology
Proven, Repeatable Success.
Initiate & Setup
Build & Test
Helping you achieve your business and IT objectives is the
primary focus of our delivery approach. Since implementations
can vary for a variety of reasons, including the desired size,
scope and timeframe, a flexible and collaborative framework is
required to deliver the results and business value you expect.
CA Services Works With Your Team To:
CA Services uses a collaborative Solution Delivery Methodology
that balances the benefits of proven best practices with the
need for speed, efficiency and flexibility. Our goal is to ensure
projects are properly scoped and well-executed to drive solution
adoption throughout the engagement.
• Prepare functional and technical designs
• Select the best implementation approach for your project to
ensure the delivery of a successful outcome
• Review and verify functional and technical requirements of
the solution
• Execute the test plan to confirm that the solution meets
your technical requirements
• Review the impact the new solution will have on your
processes and people
• Deploy the solution in production and provide final project
Maximizing the Value of Your Solution
Helping you reach your business goals quickly is what
we’re all about. Once you’ve implemented a CA
Technologies solution, we offer an array of Services and
Education to help you successfully adopt, administer and
get the most value from your solution.
“CA Services partnered with
UOLDIVEO on a six-month
implementation, which UOLDIVEO
General Manager of Processes and
Systems describes as ‘a huge
undertaking; we are talking about
changing a management platform
for over 3,000 customers.’ Among
other benefits, the CA Technologies
solutions have enabled UOLDIVEO to
automate incident tickets, provision
business and service oriented views
of their environment and realize an
85 percent time reduction for server
activation, which is now an
automated process.”
General Manager of Processes and Systems,
Management Services
In the fast paced application economy, organizations
may face challenges in onboarding new technologies
and keeping IT aligned with business strategies.
Application Management Services from CA Technologies
move beyond the traditional incident management and
administration of your CA software to help you innovate,
not just maintain. Application Management Services
provide a holistic, tiered approach that can help align IT
with business outcomes delivered in an “as-a-service“
consumption model.
Services we provide:
Application Management Services from CA Technologies
provide a flexible engagement model that enables
you to focus on what’s important to your business.
Whether your solutions are in the cloud or on-premises,
we can deliver a wide range of services, from production
support to value-driven solution enhancements—
backed up by the flexibility and service level
objectives you require.
• Supplementary support
• Proactive application monitoring
• Health checks
• Implementation and solution
• Upgrades
• Architectural guidance
• Education
• Packaged work products
Watch the Application Management Services
from CA Technologies video.
Solution Adoption Services
Click here for a full Service
Description >>
IT leaders must ensure every investment they make offers a measurable business impact. Solution Adoption Services
from CA Technologies provide consulting services to guide organizations to attain the maximum benefit from their
technology investments, to drive the strategic alignment and adoption of the technology and realize the required
goals. CA Services professionals provide you with assistance to:
• Achieve more success with technology implementations
• Remove the burden of many adoption-related tasks from your teams
• Provide the resources to help ensure that implemented products deliver the necessary value
Education from CA Technologies
CA Education understands the critical impact that a well-trained team can have on business performance. To ensure you and
your team can receive the training you need when you need it, CA Technologies offers a robust catalog of more than 400
courses delivered on-site and online by instructors who teach more than 3,500 classes each year.
CA Education courses are delivered in three settings: traditional classroom, on-site at your location and virtual. Whether it’s
teaching one-on-one or addressing an entire department, we provide flexible options to get your team up to speed within
your budget and on your schedule. We also offer convenient, self-paced web-based training courses to help you learn and
refresh your knowledge with flexible access to courseware while saving travel time and expense.
Avoid User Adoption Challenges With CA
Productivity Accelerator
CA Productivity Accelerator (CAPA) is a content development
and delivery platform that helps companies maximize the
return on their software investments through accelerated user
adoption and ongoing production support. From just one
content development session, you can create and efficiently
deliver up to 14 different readiness training and production
support tools, including web-based training, training guides,
job aids and application support.
CA Education Also Offers:
“Well-trained teams derive more benefit
from their technology investment
than undertrained teams.”
Industry training
eLearning libraries
Role-based learning paths
Source: IDC MarketScape: Worldwide IT Training & Education
Market Vendor Analysis 2012
Business Needs Rapidly Change
We help you keep up
We Offer a Wide Range of Services Designed to Fit Your Specific Needs
Additional Services We offer:
Assessment – Evaluation of your existing environment with recommendations and an action plan for a successful solution deployment
in a short, fixed-price, pre-deployment engagement.
Healthcheck – Short, fixed-price, post-deployment engagement for your existing CA Technologies product implementation.
Expert Package – Knowledge from CA Services professionals located on site for short-term technical advisory assistance, while you
architect, design or deploy your CA Technologies solution.
Consulting – Pragmatic and flexible solutions that address the adoption lifecycle and provide enterprises and service providers with the
agility and operational benefits that can be derived from CA Technologies solutions.
Premium Support Services – Customized support to enhance the value of your solutions from CA Technologies – through two
fixed-price programs:
Enhanced Support Services – A designated CA Enhanced Support Engineer assists you with specific products through the solution
lifecycle. These resources work as a virtual extension of your IT staff to understand your business and IT needs, expedite issue
resolution and assist with solution-specific assessments and planning.
Customer Success Advocate Program – These resources serve as your primary point of contact to enhance your experience with
CA Technologies solutions. Working closely with you, and across the CA Technologies Development, Services, Support and Education
organizations, these resources help you receive increasing value from your solution.
Packaged Work Products – Over 100 pre-built and tailored offerings extend CA solutions with additional functionality, new
integrations and powerful analytic capabilities that can be quickly implemented and easily adopted.
A Few of Our Customers
“Sicredi selected CA Technologies to consolidate the management of its IT infrastructure.
To ensure a high quality implementation, Sicredi decided to partner with CA Services, which provided
technical staff who speeded up the completion of the project.”
IT Infrastructure Manager, Sicredi
Who We Are
We are a specialized, global team of experts with
unmatched domain experience within Management
Cloud, DevOps and Security. We deliver value across
multiple environments – mobile, private and public cloud,
distributed and mainframe. Our goal is not to just install
software, but to take the time to listen and truly
understand the your business drivers and goals, prescribe
the best course of action based on our experience and
best practices, deliver value, and become your
trusted advisors.
The CA Services team is comprised of architects,
consultants and project managers who have helped
customers use CA software to transform their businesses.
With certifications from CISSP, CISA, ITIL, internal CA
certifications and the Project Management Institute, our
talent pool is unsurpassed in their expertise in designing,
architecting, implementing and running
CA Technologies products. Our employees and our partners
know our technology better than anyone, and we make
sure that our team has the right level of experience and
skill for each engagement.
Our Commitment to You
• Listen and understand your needs.
• Deliver innovative and differentiated solution.
• Help you achieve business success.
With CA Services you can:
• Gain peace of mind that your implementation
will be done right
• Attain the necessary resources and expertise
to provide additional business value
• Increase solution adoption and maximize
solution value
“The CA Service Assurance platform provides actionable insights and visibility of the impact of
an issue across the entire process. The CA team helped us to define processes that improved
the way we worked, which has enhanced efficiency of our operations in the long term.”
Lance Neal, Lexmark Program Manager
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CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) creates software that fuels transformation for companies and enables them to seize
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to development to management and security, CA is working with companies worldwide to change the way we live,
transact and communicate – across mobile, private and public cloud, distributed and mainframe environments.
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