Assigned Weekly Readings, Response Journal (Blog) Entries, and

Assigned Weekly Readings, Response Journal (Blog) Entries, and Other Tasks to be
Completed: General Information, Week 1, and Week 2:
General Information
 Details on assigned readings, required response journal (blog) entries, and other tasks to be
completed for the next week will be distributed at each session.
 Listed will be the next class meeting along with its corresponding date. For each listing, the
following information will be provided:
o Assigned Reading - Please be sure to bring the assigned readings to class on the
applicable day. There may be in-class reading to complete over and above what is
listed for a particular week.
o Response Journal (Blog) assignment
o Other Tasks to Be Completed - Note that various preparation and follow-up tasks to
class work may be assigned from week to week
 Once this information is distributed, any changes will be communicated by the instructor to
students via Fordham e-mail and announcement on the course on-line site.
Assigned Week 1 – January 16th
For Week 2 – January 23rd
 Assigned Reading: (31 pages)
o Root, S. L., & Kiefer, B. Z. (2003). Children's literature. In J. W. Guthrie (Ed.),
Encyclopedia of education (2nd ed.). (six pages)
o Lynch-Brown, C., & Tomlinson, C. M. (1998). Children's literature, past and present:
Is there a future? Peabody Journal of Education, 73(3/4), 228-252. (25 pages)
 Tasks: Complete the following tasks for today’s class:
o Read the "Course Syllabus" and the “Weekly Schedule of Topics and Assignments”
in their entirety.
o Verify your access to Fordham e-mail and the course on-line site (when available).
o At the end of the Root and Kiefer reading, you will see a list of children's literature.
Peruse the list and bring a favorite to class to share. If your favorite is not on the list,
bring it instead!