A level ICT offers excellent preparation for university and places

A level ICT offers excellent preparation for university and places emphasis on the
commercial use of Information Systems. All students will become proficient at developing
systems using spreadsheets and relational databases (MS Access) and learn how to use
general application strategies to develop solutions to problems. Many students are able to
use their IT skills to enhance the other A Level subjects they follow. Throughout the course,
students are encouraged to become discerning users of ICT with a view to further study at
university level or in the workplace.
Key features of the course
There are two units covered each year. At AS level, students gain an appreciation of
information systems and applications in unit one, which is assessed by an examination at
the end of the year. Unit 2, which is assessed by coursework, gives students the opportunity
to implement their ICT skills whilst exploring the areas of design, software development,
testing and documentation. In Year 13, students advance their knowledge of ICT theory for
their final examination whilst also working on an individual ICT project which is submitted as
What could this lead on to?
This award is designed to provide a progression route to university or employment, for
example, Business Information Technology (BIT), Network Administrator or System Analyst
are some of the professional career paths one can take.
Entry requirements
Students should have a minimum of Grade B in GCSE ICT or Computer Science
Information, Systems and Applications
Structured ICT tasks
ICT Systems, Applications and Implications
Style of Assessment
2 hour examination
AS Level – 60%
A2 Level – 30%
AS Level – 40%
A2 Level – 20%
2 hour examination – 30%
ICT Project
Coursework – 20%
Course details
Awarding Body:
Course Number:
H117 and H517
Mr J Bugg
0115 9775380