Teacher Name: School: Grade Level/ Content: Goal: (Smart Goal

Teacher Name:
Grade Level/ Content:
(Smart Goal) These must be related to a School Improvement goal (achievable goal) and reach the bottom
30 students to narrow the gap.
School Improvement Goal Related to:
(At least three) Use Marzano, credentialing strategies or IEP Goals as appropriate
Evidence to be collected:
1) What data/evidence did you examine/collect that indicates your progress?
2) What strengths do you see in your practice/progress?
3) What areas for improvement can you identify?
4) What other questions does your collected data or reflection suggest to you and what other
information might you want to collect?
5) In what ways did you seek collegial support or professional development to enhance student
learning/achievement?(Note: This will also provide evidence for Domain 4.)
Describe in a brief narrative what you have learned and insights you have gained from your progress and
reflection on this goal.
Suggested goal for the remainder of the year: