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Citing Electronic Sources, Part I:
Increasingly, journals, newsletters, reports, and other scholarly publications are moving toward posting articles and information on the Internet. Commonly, authors reference articles from
print periodicals that also make their content available online.
According to the APA Manual, if an article found on the Web is
an exact duplicate of the print version, then an article can be
cited as if obtained from the print source, but [Electronic version]
should be added after the title. For example:
Nelson, H.D., Nygren, P., Walker, M., & Panoscha, R. (2006).
Screening for speech and language delay in preschool children: Systematic evidence review for the U.S. Preventive
Services Task Force [Electronic version]. Pediatrics, 117, 298319.
When there is any indication that an article has been formatted differently for the Web, such as missing page numbers
or additional information, then the URL (Web address) and
date of retrieval must be listed. For example:
Snaith, R.P. (2003). The hospital anxiety and depression scale.
Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, 1(29). Retrieved July 31,
2007, from http://www.hqlo.com/content/1/1/29
Please note there is no period at the end of the URL.
If you are ever unsure as to whether a document has been
altered from the print version, it is always best to include the
retrieval information as shown above. Above all, readers
need to be able to find the information that you are citing.
The reference examples above were obtained from the following articles:
Scheffler, F., Vogel, D., Astern, R., Burgess, J., Conneally, T., &
Salerno, K. (2007). Screening for communication and cognitive
disorders in infants and toddlers. Pediatric Nursing, 33(6), 473480.
Williams, A.G., Crane, P.B., & Kring, D. (2007). Fatigue in African
American women on hemodialysis. Nephrology Nursing
Journal, 34(6), 610-617, 644.
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