Jeong Hyang shim Unlike traditional femininity, which represents

Jeong Hyang shim Unlike traditional femininity, which represents mainly silence, quietness, and perseverance, 'female' has revealed its ego as 'I' in the modern society. My works are based on advanced femininity, which adapts itself to its own space, makes harmony with other spaces, and changes harmony into a much-­‐improved individual space. Women in my works have glamorous images with long exaggerated hair, made with contingent strokes in original colors. These images reveal the abilities of healing and purification. The images emphasizing glamour reflect not only a powerless self but also the unconscious desire to be powerful like God. The image is none other than a self-­‐portrait of the artist. -­‐ Born in Gwangju, South Korea -­‐ ph. D at Graduate School of Fine Arts, Chosun University, Gwangju, Korea -­‐ Master’s degree at Graduate School of Fine Arts, Chosun University, Gwangju, Korea -­‐ Graduate from College of Fine Arts, Chosun University, Gwangju, Korea Solo Exhibitions 23 (Beijing/Shanghai/Seoul/Gwangju...) Art Fair .Worlds Apart Fair 2013 (CONRAD CENTENNIAL HOTEL, SINGAPORE /2013) .ART ASIA 2012 (COXE, Seoul Korea /2012) .Munich International contempo Art festival (Munich, Germany /2011) .Gwangju International Art Fair (Kim Daejung Convention center, Gwangju /2011) .Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair (Grand Hyatt Hotel, Mandarin Orintal, Hong Kong /2011~2010) .Koeln Art Fair 21(Staatenhaus am Rheinpark, Cologne, Germany /2010) .KIAF Korea International Art Fair (COXE, Seoul Korea /2010~2008) .Seoul Art Fair (BEXCO, Busan Korea / 2010~2007) .SOAF Seoul Open Art Fair (COXE, Seoul Korea /2012~2007) .Seoul Art Festival Doors Art Fair (Novotel Ambassador, Seoul Korea /2010) .Daegu Art Fair (EXCO, Daegu /2010~2008) .Art Daegu (EXCO, Daegu /2010~2008) .The32nd annual international Artexpo returns to New York in2010 /Pier 94 .Star Blue Artist Hotel Art Fair (Millennium Seoul Hilton Hotel/2010) .InSa Galleries Art festival (Gallery Dream, Seoul Korea /2010) .Asia Art Top Show –2009'Art Fair(Beijing. China /2009) .SICAF Seoul International contemporary Art Fair (COXE, Seoul Korea /2009) Collections Gwangju Museum of Art. Chosun University Museum of Art. The Korean Cognitive Science Institute for Attachment Autistic Childern Center. Happy Creativity Institute. Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus Collection. Woongjin Thinkbig. chungkoo physician Hospital. Joydental Hospital. Kyeonggi news. Honammaeil news. Daedong Gallery. Jant Gallery. Gaepar Gallery. Sinuson Gallery. GaGa Gallery And Most of individual collect Awards moodeung Art Contest Exibition(Jeonnam). Namnong Art Contest Exibition(Mokpo). Kyeonggi Fine Art Contest Exibition(Kyeonggi). Sochi Art Contest Exibition(Gwangju). Gwangju Art Contest Exibition(Gwangju). Jeonnam Art Contest Exibition(Jeonnam). Korea Fine Art Contest Exibition(Gwangju). Present Affilications KAMA Korea Association of Modern Artists. Homogeneity Recovery of Korean Painting. ChoonChoo Association.