Create a DVD (playable in any DVD player) Share from iMovie to iDVD

Create a DVD (playable in any DVD player) Sharing from iMovie has a nice benefit, which is the ability to setup chapter markers. Share from iMovie to iDVD 1. Go to ‘Finder’ 2. Then ‘Applications’ 3. Then ‘iMovie (previous version)’ 4. Open iMovie HD. At this point you should already have an existing project fully edited. If not, see our iMovie HD editing instructions. 5. Open an existing project. 6. (Optional) Adding chapter markers. Click the timeline viewer the clock symbol. And go to ‘Chapters’ Then in the timeline move the playhead to each chapter start and click ‘Add Marker’. Make sure to give the Chapter Title an appropriate name. 7. Then go to share to iDVD at the top menu. 8. Next choose a theme style for the DVD menu. Always choose ‘Keep’ to maintain your videos aspect ratio when selecting a different theme. And click ‘okay’ to apply the theme to submenus such as a chapter select menu also. 9. Change the titles by clicking once to highlight the word first and the click again to enable typing and font changes. 10. (Optional) Click the edit drop zones button to add pictures to customize your theme. Simply drag and drop pictures from the desktop or the iPhoto library under ‘Media’ into the ‘Drop Zones’. iPhoto media library. Short 30‐second video clips can also be dropped into a ‘Drop Zone’ for an intro video loop. 11. To preview your DVD press the play button. 12. When you are ready to burn the DVD click this button
right next to the play button. 13. iMovie will prompt you to insert a blank DVD at this time. We recommend using DVD‐R for the most compatibility across DVD players. 14. If iMovie warns you about the movie not fitting on the disc you will have to change the encoding quality. Go to Project  Project Info 15. Change Encoding from ‘Best Performance’ to ‘Professional Quality’ from the drop down menu. There will be more compression without sacrificing quality. You can fit up to 2 hours and 20 minutes on a single layer DVD with this Professional setting. Dual‐layer DVDs (DVD‐DL) have more incompatibility problems across various DVD players so we recommend not using them. 16. Once the DVD starts burning it will render all the assets, menus, and movies before finalizing the DVD. This process will take approximately 1.5‐2x as long as your video is. The disc will eject when burning is complete. If you would like to create another disc, insert it before closing your project. Since the encoding and rendering is already done it will only take a couple of minutes to burn each additional copy.