Mrs. Hart`s Class News Student of the Week

Mrs. Hart’s Class News
Student of the Week- Beginning next week
Snacks: Addison Miles – Please bring in by Monday morning - 20 students
Character Trait of the Month:
Reading Story/LA
Story: “Fix It Duck”. The Family Times newsletter will be in the green homework folder. Please go over
the paper with your child. Return green folder by Tuesday as well as VIP.
Learn correct pencil grip. There will be a copy of the correct grips that we will use for left as well as
right-handed students. Please practice this at home. Each VIP will contain a small pencil for you to keep
at home for practice.
Wednesday Night: Work on saying and identifying letters by sight. It will be in the green folder.
Math – Began to count objects to 10 and write numbers 0-10 using Handwriting Without Tears
chalkboards. Practice writing 0-10 on Tuesday night in green folder.
Social Studies/Science - Definition and explanation of these subjects
Health- Washing hands, germs and how to avoid them and minimize them
Dates and Events
PTO meeting on August 19 at 6:30
Next week, the newsletter will arrive by email, so get those emails in as soon as possible. If you need a
hard copy in addition to email, please let us know!
Thank you for all of your help and cooperation! You all help make CES a School of Excellence.