9.2 The Reciprocal Function Family

9.2 The Reciprocal Function Family
Functions that model inverse variations belong to a family whose parent is the RECIPROCAL FUNCTION.
The general form of a family member is:
***With a single real number 'h' missing from its domain.
The value of 'a' causes the graph to stretch/shrink.
Do you remember what the values of 'h' and 'k' do?
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Graph the following:
**Does this graph have any horizontal or vertical asymptotes?
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Let's draw and compare the graphs of:
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Translations of Reciprocal Functions
Parent function:
Stretch (a>1)
Shrink (0<a<1)
Reflected about x­axis (a<0)
Horizontal translation by h
vertical asymptote at x=h
Vertical translation by k
horizontal asymptote at y=k Title: Apr 22­2:32 PM (4 of 7)
Sketch the graph of:
**Graph H.A.'s and V.A.'s first!
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Writing the Equation of a Transformation
Write an equation for the translation of that has asymptotes at and
Write an equation for the translation of that
is 4 units left and 5 units up.
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