Wireless Configuration: Windows XP

Wireless Configuration: Windows XP
1- Open the Wireless Network connection application (by double clicking the wireless)
2- Click refresh network list
3- Click the Ritaj wireless network
4- On the left side, click on “change the order of the preferred networks”, the following window
5- Click on Wireless Networks tab
6- Then click on Add bottom
7- Fill the following fields:
a. Network name (SSID): Ritaj
b. Network Authentication: WPA
c. Data encryption: TKIP
8- Then click on Authentication tab on the top
9- Choose
a. EAP Type: Protected EAP (PEAP)
10- Then click on properties button.
11- Remove the check from the check box : validate server certificate
12- Then click on Configure button
13- Remove the check box from: automatically use any windows logon name and password.
14- Then click OK button for all windows that are opened.
15- Then go to the Wireless Network connection
16- Click refresh
17- Double click on Ritaj
18- On the taskbar, small popup will appear (wireless network authentication)
19- Click on it, and type your Ritaj username and password and in the logon domain type STBZU.
To configure proxy on your internet browser, Follow these steps:
1. Open internet explorer
2. Right click on tool bar and click menu bar
3. Click on tools, and then select internet options
Click on connections, and then click on LAN settings.
Fill out the required information as shown.
Outside the campus uncheck use a proxy server for your LAN.