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Family Partnership Center
Parent Toddler Group
Absences- please call us at the Family
Partnership Center (360) 493-2953 if your
child will be absent from group. If a child
has more than 2 unexcused absences the
FRC will contact the family.
Arrival Time- Please wait in the main
sitting room if you arrive early. Early arrivals are difficult because the room is being prepared for group.
Snack- Please notify your Teacher I Fami­
ly Resource Coordinator regarding any
food allergies or food restrictions. During
group there is a time designated for
Outside Food and Drink- We discourage
bringing outside food or drink into the
classroom. If you have any special dietary
requests please speak with your Teach­
er I Family Resource Coordinator before
the start of group.
Choice- Choice time allows children to
choose which activities they would like to
participate in. Parents I caregivers are
encouraged to actively participate in their
child's activities and redirect them if
Amenities- Child size toilets and sinks are
available in the classroom for use. A
changing table is also available.
Cell Phones- Please silence your cell
phones during group time. This time is
designed for parent and child interaction.
I.Siblings- EIP play group is designed to
target children that qualify for the program. Please do your best to make prior
arrangements for siblings. If this is not
possible, speak with your Teacher I Family Resource Coordinator about alternative
Parent Education- Teacher I Family Re­
source Coordinator will provide sugges­
tions for building developmental skills for
your child as well as opportunities for
developmentally appropriate community
activities designed to facilitate growth.
Service Providers:
Justine Cantrell - Early Intervention Special Education Teacher
Rebekah Marstrom - Early Intervention Special Education Teacher
Staci Suneson - Speech - Language Pathologist
Racheal Diehl - Speech - Language Pathology Assistant
Amanda Harris - Para Educator
Family Partnership Center
Parent Toddler Group
Below is a general schedule description for
the EIP ­ Birth to Three parent toddler
group. Depending on the group day and
time, as well as the Teacher / Family
Resource Coordinator, the group schedule
may be set up differently.
Hang up coat and wash hands
Purpose: This task helps children transition
into the classroom and targets following 12 step directions.
Table Time
Purpose: Puzzles and other manipulatives
are available for children to practice.
Cognitive skills. Matching pictures, rote
counting, 1-1 correspondence, size con­
cepts, colors etc.
Fine motor skills. (e.g., using pinching
motion of thumb and pointer finger to
grasp puzzle pieces).
Purpose: Sensory experience children are
able to explore different mediums and
Fine motor: pulling apart cotton, ripping
tissue paper, using pinching motion, paint­
ing with fingers, etc.
Following 1-step directions.
Sustaining attention for a designated
amount of time and participating in a
group activity.
Free Play
Purpose: Social skills: interacting with oth­
er children. Language development
teachers and parents encourage language
development by using simple language to
comment on what their child is doing and
interacting with them at their level face-to­
face. Play skills: a variety of toys are avail­
able for children to use in pretend play
(e.g., kitchen). Gross motor skills: A novel
toy/experience is used during the last 10
minutes of free choice to target gross mo­
tor development.
North Thurston Public Schools
Reminder: Please notify your child's Teach­
er I Family Resource Coordinator of any
allergies or food restrictions.
Purpose: A prepared snack targeting sever­
al food groups is available. Communication
skills. children are encouraged to ask the
teacher for the food they would like to eat
either verbally or through picture boards.
Sensory development: children are ex­
posed to a variety of food textures.
Purpose: Social skills. awareness of self
and others, participating in singing familiar
songs with the group. Sustaining attention,
following 1-step directions
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