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I n 2010, at its annual Information On Demand user conference in Las Vegas,
-IBM revolutionized the workflow and business process management software
industry with its announcement of IBM Case Manager. Case Manager is a comprehensive
platform that caters to the specific needs of case-based processes, which typically have long
lives, with workflow steps that are unpredictable in nature and depend heavily on unstructured
content. Case-based workflows typically enlist the skills found in knowledge workers more so
than traditional workflow processes which are more clerical in nature. IBM Case Manager
brought together, in a single solution a content repository for a 360 degree view of case
elements with workflow and ad hoc processing with business rules, work process analysis tools,
graphical dashboard monitoring, and collaboration tools for applications such as disability
claims processing, child welfare case management, petroleum source location research,
continuity of health care across the provider community, etc.
D atum’s RapidCASE adds several critical features that enhances the base IBM Case
Managerproduct. It provides a business friendly user interface for authorized business
associates such as a business administrator, supervisor ormanager to define, assign, edit and
revoke key business operations within any Case Manager line of business solution. Line of
business supervisors or managers can assign orrevoke any business feature or operation at a
business role or in-basket level without having to rely on highly skilled Information Technology
(IT) professionals using sophisticated, but complex programming tools.
Who needs Datum RapidCASE?
Organizations who utilize IBM Case Manager and
need to extend the base product capabilities without
having to write custom code
Companies whose IT Department would like to
reduce the magnitude of change requests so changes
can be implemented in shorter time spans
Businesses who desire to empower their operational
teamsby giving them the ability to assign or revoke
business specific features to case workers in their
IT Application Development Managers who want to
significantly reduce Case Manager development and
deployment time and cost
Companies using IBM Case Manager who want to
eliminate the need for time-consuming
redeployment of case-based applications for small
CIOs who want to respond to the needs of their
customers in a more timely manner by using tools
that increase their agility and delivering solutions
from concept to deployment in much shorter
amounts of time
Datum Solutions RapidCASE
Features and Functions
Generate Letter – an easy, intuitive method for
business analysts to create and manage letter
templates, map case properties to predefined
letter fields, and assign context-specific letter
templates to roles and in-baskets. This feature
allows a case worker to send letters via e-mail or
print and mail while permanently attaching the
letter to the case and archiving letters sent – all
without the necessity for programming.
Route/Reject Reasons – allows a case worker to
route cases between steps and users in a case
workflow and assign reasons for the route. Route
reasons can be configured for the particular inbasket and role.
Hold Reasons and Hold Timers – allows case
workers to place a case on hold, assign a reason for
the hold, and set a timer for how long the case will
be on hold. This ‘hides’ the case from browse and
‘Get Next’ functions. Optionally, case workers can
manually release cases on hold by exposing them
to an on-hold in-basket for specific or all work
Print Notes from Case Comments – most cases
require notes to be added during processing of the
case by one or more case workers. Often there is a
need to print the collection of comments from a
case. This feature aggregates all the case notes,
transforms them into a single TIFF file, and
attaches it to the case. This feature can be invoked
manually by a user or can be system generated in a
step in the case workflow.
Delete/Copy Pages –allows a case worker to delete
or copy pages associated with a case and add the
edited document as an attachment to the current
case or a new case. This capability is beneficial
when pages in a single document span multiple
cases or contain irrelevant information, such as the
cover page from a fax.
Display Number of Comments – displays the total
number of comments made on a case, so a case
worker has an idea of how many comments exist
that they may have to scroll through.
Display SLA in in-basket view – allows business
administrators, managers, and supervisors to
define Service Level Agreement (SLA) rules and
conditions, tagged with thresholds, based on
business factors, such as date or time the case
needs to be processed from its creation date.
Thresholds can be set based on case type or any
other case dimension.
Mail distribution (Case UI & backend component) provides the ability to read mail from generic email addresses, analyze the contents of the e-mail,
and automatically assign the e-mail contents to
cases currently being worked. Distribution of mail
can be accomplished in batch mode via a backend
component as well as real time by a case worker
using a Case Manager user interface.
Mail Box Polling (Backend component)
Workload Management/Skill based routing provides the ability for a supervisor to assign case
levels by speed and accuracy and to rate a case
worker by degrees of their speed and historical
accuracy in their user profile. These metrics are
used to assign cases to case workers based on their
level of proficiency, as noted by their profile. (A
future release of RapidCase will be able to
automatically monitor a case worker’s speed and
accuracy and provide a real-time, constant state
proficiency rating as an input into the skills-based
routing engine for distribution of cases.)
Auto Sync Case Properties to Document - provides
a capability to automatically and dynamically sync
properties between the case and its content to
ensure accuracy, efficient caseload processing, and
content insight.
Document Broker and Case Broker – allows users
to fetch all documents related to a case based on
configured criteria for the current in-basket and
role. A business administrator can define the list of
case properties that influence case search results
as a part of the Case Broker template.
Business Admin Console – a user interface for
business administrators, managers, or supervisors
giving them far more control over the design and
execution of case applications, but without the
need for coding or complex technical skills. Using
the Business Administrator Console, following is a
list of the capabilities that an end user can utilize to
design, change, and deploy functionality in a Case
Manager application:
Define/Assign Letter Templates
Define/Assign Email Templates
Define/Assign Route Reasons
Define/Assign Reject Reasons
Define/Assign Hold Reasons/Timers
Enable/Disable Business Operations
Roles Management
Copy configurations
SLA Configuration
Datum Solutions RapidCASE
Advantages of RapidCASE
Business administrators can now assign and revoke
key business features/operations critical to the
operation of the business unit
Business administrators can dynamically define
operations for each case worker role and in-basket
without using Case Builder (which is typically used
only by an IT Developer)
Can be easily imported into any IBM Case Manager
environment or solution
Allows business admins to copy configurations
between roles/in-baskets using “Copy From” option
within a given solution
Implementing changes adapting to the dynamic
changes of business operations is much faster & are
reflected in real time
A comprehensive and dynamic Letter Generation
A dynamic "Send Email " module that allows case
workers to select pre-defined email teamplates for
sending case based correspondence
Ability to edit letters online without saving any
document footprint on the client desktop
Capture summary of all case comments into a tiff
file, then save as a document tied to the case within
the system to ensure they are preserved even after
case completion
Allows business admins to assign specific skill (for
example - “Case Type” or any business specific
property or set of properties). Based on the
assigned skills, system enables a business admin to
control the flow of specialized cases to specific
skilled workers
About Datum Solutions
Datum Solutions specializes in Enterprise Content
Management (ECM) technology systems assessment,
products, and technology support services in
commercial and government industry sectors. We are
a single source provider to organizations challenged
to deliver their products and services in a timely
manner while keeping their information technology
implementation costs down. Our major advantage is
leveraging the combination of vast project
management experience and strong teams of
technical experts. We specialize in providing ECM,
Management and Cloud based solutions to meet the
business needs of the operational departments of
commercial businesses and government agencies. We
are an Advanced IBM ECM Partner and re-seller of
IBM’s ECM, BPM, Case Manager and Cloud based
software solutions. Our project delivery model allows
us to implement innovative technology outsourcing
solutions which help our customers meet their
business goals at a great value.
Datum Solutions’ information technology project
solutions services include the following capabilities:
Capture, ECM, BPM, Case Management and Cloud
Infrastructure – network and systems architecture
design, deployment and support
Software development
ECM software application support
Line of business application ‘Accelerators’
Business process analysis and process automation
Testing/QA services
Software re-engineering
ECM support and managed services
Datum Solutions is a privately held company founded
in 2004, based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company
has operations in Europe (UK, Germany and Spain)
and Asia Pacific (dba MITS in Australia, Singapore, and
India). We have grown to more than 300+
consultants/IT professionals providing services to
numerous clients world-wide,from medium to large
scale enterprises.
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