NetSupport School Unique Features

NetSupport School
Unique Features
NetSupport School offers a range of unique features specifically
designed in collaboration with teachers to aid in the delivery of best
practice in the classroom.
Set and then display lesson objectives and outcomes for all students to
view, record all lesson activities, resources, notes, screenshots, web links,
discussions and test or quiz results to a digital journal for the teacher. The
journal ensures the teacher has a full record of the lesson, and equally
important, a resource to share with any absent students. (Students get a
unique version as well to support home learning and revision).
Conduct instant assessment of student understanding with our unique
Question and Answer Module: deliver questions verbally, select
students to answer by random, first to answer or in teams, and then
bounce the questions to multiple students; ask the whole class to peer
assess a response and score responses throughout the process. No lengthy
pre-planning, no resources needed in advance; simply assess and vary the
questioning as the topic develops.
Provide visual and instant access to key resources and classroom restriction
status with our unique Student Toolbar. Highlight which websites are
available for use, when printing is restricted, what the current lesson
objectives are - even rewards that have been given during the class. The
Student Toolbar also highlights when help is needed, delivers one-click
access to shared documents, the student journal and even their USB pen
NetSupport School has been developed over 20 years with teachers, for
teachers. It has consistently been recognised as the best in its class.
You might think all classroom solutions offer the
same set of tools, but you may be surprised to
know only NetSupport School offers:
• Individual, group and peer assessment tools,
“bounce” questioning and scoring.
• Unique teacher and student digital journals.
• An interactive lesson planner.
• A dedicated Student Toolbar for quick access to
resources, notifications from teachers and lesson
• A touch-enabled Teacher Toolbar available when
the Tutor app is minimised.
• Automatic SafeSearch search engine protection.
• An inbuilt electronic whiteboard with a range of
collaborative tools.
• “Always on” security policies without the need
for a dedicated server.
• Individual student and team rewards that can be
assigned and collated during the lesson.
• Lesson objectives and expected outcomes
published for all students to see.
• A Tutor Assistant App that runs on both tablets
and smartphones (iOS/Android and Kindle Fire).
• Support for Android and Apple iOS tablets.
• Support for Google Chromebooks.
• A fully compatible sister product for both Mac
and all major flavours of Linux –
NetSupport Assist.
Classroom management that is truly flexible
Connect automatically to all computers within a pre-defined room.
Create ‘rooms’ to match the physical buliding then assign PCs to rooms for easy identification.
Connect to a pre-defined list of computers in a single click.
Create a list of PC names within a room or cart, select and connect instantly.
Connect to a pre-defined list of students in a single click.
Create a list of student login IDs for each lesson, select the list and connect to just them.
Browse the network and connect to available student computers.
Use wildcards to browse for all computers (i.e. beginning A*) to allow easy selection of PCs.
Teaching tool for delivering education best practices
Unique Student Toolbar - providing one-click access to lesson objectives and outcomes.
Unique Student Journal - providing a full record of all the content covered during a lesson to ensure
effective home study and post-lesson review.
Unique Question and Answer Module - delivering individual, group and peer assessment at any point
during a lesson, including basketball questioning and achievement tracking.
Powerful suite of testing tools for on-going ‘check point’ assessment throughout the year with automarking, real-time answer tracking and much more.
School-wide management of PCs and students
(for technicians).
Dedicated Tech Console - view and manage all school PCs from a single desktop.
Unique ‘Always on’ policies - Set printing, web, application and USB restrictions centrally without the need
for a dedicated server.
Hardware and software inventory reporting, real-time control of services, processes, remote registry
editor, command prompt and more.
School-wide security monitoring - Identify any PC without the expected level of security. View PCs
without antivirus, firewalls, spyware protection, UAC, IE phishing enabled etc.
NetSupport is also unique in offering a range of fully cross‐compatible products for education: Mac and Linux Classroom Management – NetSupport Assist IT Asset Management Suite – NetSupport DNA School Helpdesk Solution – NetSupport ServiceDesk School Alerting and Messaging suite – NetSupport Notify School Desktop Lockdown and Restore – NetSupport Protect
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