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“I have never regretted
starting a recruitment
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agency. To most people a
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job is a very essential part of
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their identity. A challenging
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and interesting job can make
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all the difference between
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working for money or
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working for personal
fulfillment and development.
I am proud that our organiza-
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tion contributes positively to
society by keeping people
and companies in business.”
Erik Dyrmann Juhler, CEO
Juhler Holding A/S
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we select the right staff locally and internationally
small enough to care - big enough to cope
Our Mission
• To contribute to more security and success in selection of staff for
permanent positions
• To contribute to more flexibility in the labour force in order to secure more competitiveness for our clients
Strong international presence
JuhlerGroup is a leading group of recruitment agencies
founded in 1979 in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Erik Dyrmann
Juhler, currently CEO of the Group.
Since inception, the company has grown to more than 40
offices throughout Europe and Asia, generating turnover in
excess of 86m Euros.
More than 1,500 permanent placements are made by
JuhlerGroup Companies annually. We employ 2,600 temps
on average, every single day.
The companies of the Group operate on the basis of shared
principles and an unwavering desire to deliver the highest
clients assistance in connection with setting up or expanding
businesses abroad.
This is an area that we can readily empathise with; throughout
our expansion we have overcome the practical issues and
challenges of setting up a business in new markets, and
foreign climes.
We appreciate the importance of finding the right staff as well
as having good knowledge of local culture, legislation etc.
You can benefit from our firsthand experience giving your new
business abroad the best possible start.
We strive to secure your success in the foreign marketplace by
finding the best staff for your business abroad.
quality service. We develop and continuously improve our
Our ‘Way of Working’
We take great pride in our desire to partner with not only HR
practitioners but also hiring managers in our client organisations
– this means we understand the full scope of the role for which
we are engaged, and can “fill in those gaps” that usually are
present in Job Descriptions. Thereafter we are well placed to
source candidates that best meet client criteria, ensuring
greater levels of client satisfaction.
We take integrity to extreme levels too, as a core value and
‘top of mind’ in everything we do. Consultants work with only
one client in one vertical industry or domain – this preserves
integrity, ensures that your strategies are better protected, and
secures your organisation chart from predatory approaches
from your consultant partner. Clients tell us that our unique
partnership approach gives them better peace of mind.
business concepts to more exactly meet our clients’ needs.
Select the right staff for your organization
JuhlerGroup is able to provide permanent and temporary staff
within a wide range of industries and positions, from
Most organisations strive to keep up with the increasing trend
selection based on personal interviews, skills tests,
for globalisation, as the world effectively shrinks and market-
personality tests as well as reference checks from former
places span all continents. In order to be ahead of competition,
employers. We also seriously consider the culture of our client
expansion abroad is paramount for many businesses, which
organisations, thus ensuring that the chemistry is right
brings challenge in sourcing and selecting the very best human
between the company and the new employee.
Receptionists to Managing Directors. We make a careful
capital, in order to bring corporate strategies to life.
We therefore need to know your organization extremely well
As a part of our ‘way of working’, we employ highly trained and
and adopt a thorough review of strategic intent regarding your
experienced International Business Consultants. They offer
human capital needs before proceeding with any assignment.
Our approach and relationship with candidates is taken
Our Goals
To be the best within our industry
To create challenging and developing jobs within our organisation
To use our resources in the most
efficient way
To create a solid foundation for
our long term survival
Our Business Principles
Maintain close personal contact with clients, candidates, temps and care for their needs
Keep our organisation, tools and
procedures simple
Operate in small units
Register and act fast on changes
Work under honest business principles
Market our organization professionally and efficiently with high ethics and
moral standards
every bit as seriously as with our clients. We interview
every candidate prior to profiling for our clients, and
specifically for this particular role. Candidate confidentiality
and client confidentiality is preserved until such times as
both parties agree to be made known to each other.
Our Mantra in this regard we term thus:
“Bringing people together... with Integrity”
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