2016 hot legs for care – participant info

Cancer Aid Resource & Education, Inc.
125 North Main Street, Suite 114
Las Cruces, NM 88001
WHO Will Win the Title?
Males “Hot Legs for CARE”
King”CARE President/ExecutiveDirector
– Yoli Diaz
"I shall not pass through this
world but once, any good
therefore that I can do or, any
kindness that I can show to any
human being, let me do it now,
let me not defer or neglect it, for
I shall not pass this way again."
Mahatma Ghandi
CARE Vice President – Leticia Soto 575-650-2019
Contest Coordinator – Joe Reyes 214-986-3069
“Promoting Colorectal Cancer Awareness in March”
Cancer Aid Resource & Education, Inc. (CARE) will be hosting their 3rd Annual Males “Hot Legs for CARE”
contest event in March. “Hot Legs for CARE” is one of the signature fundraisers for CARE. It is a fundraising
event where individuals (brave men) raise money to support the fight against cancer by helping the local
community. The goal for each contestant is to raise at least $2,000.00. The winner of the 2nd Annual Hot Legs for
CARE event, Steve Delgado, raised $8,408.53 and received the title:
“Mucho Macho Hot Legs King”
CARE events proceeds benefit the local community, especially cancer patients residing in Doña Ana
County and receiving treatment for any type of cancer.
CARE’s emphasis is LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL. CARE raises funds locally. CARE banks funds locally.
CARE disburses funds locally to benefit the local community.
CARE is a grassroots New Mexico nonprofit organization.
CARE is not associated with the national cancer organization, American Cancer Society, nor its
fundraiser, Relay for Life.
CARE is currently managed by an all volunteer group.
CARE’s income to support services and financial assistance is generated through fundraising projects and
the generosity of the community.
CARE receives no city, county, state or federal government funding.
CARE currently has a fiscal sponsor, Community Action Agency of Southern New Mexico, a respected local
nonprofit organization serving our community since 1965. All checks need to written to: CAASNM for CARE.
“When an individual hears the words, “You have cancer” everything in their life comes to a roaring stop. Fear and
anxiety take over and not only for the person with the diagnosis, but for their whole family. People handle this hard
time differently, but most, after a period, start looking into what their options are and where their supports might be.
That is where CARE comes in. We are not about cancer research or medical care – there are many very fine
organizations committed to research and medicine and they are doing incredible work. But, for the individual and
family dealing right here, right now, with the reality of cancer, we offer ‘hands on’ support. Things like financial
assistance with utilities, groceries and transportation costs. We can connect them to community resources and
And, we are there with them – we can be their ears and eyes and sometimes their voice by acting as an advocate.
We are with them for as long as they need us and our services and support are at no cost to the cancer patient or
their family. That is where you come in – your support is how we can support them. Your donations go directly to
help our clients in need as we are all working as volunteers at this time. Your donations stay in our community –
our area of service is Doña Ana County.
Almost all of us have been or will be touched by cancer in our lives. Someone we know and care about or even
ourselves will hear those very hard words, “you have cancer”. Our goal at CARE is to be sure that no one has to
struggle with the necessities of life during that time. Our goal at CARE is to ensure that while families are dealing
with cancer they have dignity, and as much strength and courage as we can help provide.”
Be a contestant of “Hot Legs for CARE” and have lots of fun!
Recruit male friends, family, coworkers, associates, anyone to join in and be a contestant along side with
you---as one of your competitors….make it fun….make it competitive.
Also, contestants are encouraged to recruit others to join in and help them with their fundraisers and collect
pledges. We encourage contestants to recruit a team to help them with their fundraising efforts. We also
are encouraging contestants to create or partner with a large fundraising event where the proceeds will
benefit CARE (Agreement will need to be completed and signed). Gaining the competitive edge is an
advantage to each and every contestant ……the idea is to raise the most funds to help the local community.
We are recruiting at least 20 males.
There are a total of 8 (Eight) winners in this competition:
1. Judge’s Choice*
Every Competition
Has A Twist
2. Casual Dress Winner, to include wearing deck shoes/boots*
3. Swim Wear Winner, to include wearing flip flops/sandals*
*Judge’s Vote on Winners
4. Evening Dress (Formal) Winner, to include wearing dress shoes*
Judge’s Will Be
5. Most “Hairy Legs” Winner*
Three Cancer Survivors
6. People’s Choice Winner
7. NMSU Prince Winner, which is the NMSU student who raises the most funds for the event
8. “MUCHO MACHO Hot Legs King” Winner, which is the person who raises the most funds in the
contest for the community, especially cancer patients receiving treatment for any type of cancer
PLEASE NOTE: Dress accordingly for each category. Dress fun! Shorts need to be worn at mid
thigh or lower towards the knee. Please no short shorts or speedos. Keep it clean and enjoyable!
Fundraise by creating your own fundraisers and collecting pledges. Pledge form will be provided.
Remember, any monetary donations are appreciated and small donations add up!
Each contestant will be credited with funds turned in, deposits under your name.
Contestants will not be credited with in-kind donations, since this is not a deposited amount.
There will be scheduled meetings for kickoff and updates.
All contestants are encouraged to sell a minimum of 20 spectator tickets, which will go towards their
fundraising goal. There will be a gift for the contestant who sells the most spectator tickets. Contestants
please inform all purchasers of tickets that they can only get into the event with their ticket – thus, please
encourage their “safekeeping” of their ticket (don’t lose their ticket) to this very fun, fun event!
Contest will include a Judge’s Choice winner and a People’s Choice winner. The Judge’s Choice Winner
will be determined prior to the event in another room. All contestants will be behind a curtain and only their
legs will show. Judges will not know who each contestant is. The winner will be judged by legs only. We
encourage contestants to “showcase” their legs for this portion.
The People’s Choice winner will be determined at the event after the four categories of: Casual, Swimwear,
Hairy Legs and Dress during a break. The winner will be determined by the people supporting their favorite
contestant by donating dollars into bucket(s) of their favorite contestant(s).
Don’t worry contestants! You have the option to get a free pedicure from local merchants.
We encourage you to ask questions at any time!
Thank you so very much for your help and this will be a blast…….Our volunteers continue to touch the lives of
hundreds of cancer survivors, caregivers, families and friends within the Doña Ana County community.
CARE, Cancer Fighters and Families thank “Hot Legs for CARE” Contestants for participating and giving quality of
life to those who are fighting the fight against cancer! Thank you for supporting the community!