MIGI SRL - 33048 San Giovanni al Natisone (UD) ITALY

Technical Data:
Available power 4,4KVA
Available power with auxiliary unit in
operation 1,8 KW
1 socket CEI – 230 V
1 socket SCHUKO – 230 V
Techinical Data:
High pressure pump with ceramic
Max Pressure 140 bar (2030 PSI)
Q=11 L/min
Self-priming pump or feeding by water
pipe network
Quick connection for lance
Connection to water pipe 3/4"
Technical Data:
2 cylinder compressor with castiron head
Q=360 L/min
Max Pressure 10 bar (145 PSI)
Internal air tank 15LT aluminium
Quick outlet connections:
Spray gun with quick connection for
lance; 10MT R1 tube and adjustale nozzle
directly 9,5 bar (145PSI)
Gasoline OHV engine: Honda GX270 / 6KW (8HP) / 270cm³ (*)
Fuel type unlaead - Tank capacity 5,3L
Fuel consumption 1,5L/h @ 50% of load
Manual recoil starting
Strong iron-sheet and iron-tube loom, sound-proofing according to the regulations in force
Electric protections with Magnetotermic and Differential 30mA;
CE mark
rotating nozzle
Inverter welding machine 130 A DC
(*) Honda engine type GX390 / 8KW (11HP)
6,3KVA available electrical power on the
Dimensions: 950 x 650 x H 920 mm with weel
Weight: 170 KG
Thanks to innovative techniques, a new machine with no equal on the market has been conceived and produced, boasting features that make it indispensable
in the world of work.
Its performances are on top of the category, thanks to first-quality components. Moderate encumbrance and easy transportation are other strong points. If
compared, its size will be the one of a mono-function machine.
6 kW (8 HP) endothermic engines, singularly selectable functions, electric current always available, high-pressure washer (also self-priming), pistonoperating air compressor with built-in fuel tank, removable inverter welder (in option).
This is the ideal machine for the construction industry, for the opening or closing of a building site, in difficult access places, in non-urbanization supplied
areas, to allow the use of the most diverse construction site tools.
In agriculture, to clean the operating devices on the working spot, and for extra-ordinary maintenance.
For the assistance on ground-moving operating machines, with the guarantee of the widest operation range, even in the toughest working environment.
For on-the-go assistance with equipped vans, allowing a noticeable saving of space with no renounce.
For motor-sport team assistance.
For public authorities, for an extraordinary flexible and complete maintenace system.
In case of natural disasters, indispensable for first-aid interventions, to operate in extremely difficult situations with the best technical support: with electric
current, air pressure, high pressure water.
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