Who should do
this training?
Reduce risk and avoid
personal liability
Competition and Consumer Protection is one of our most
popular courses. Our new course refreshes the training, making
it even more accessible and succinct than ever. The course is still
legally comprehensive and gives practical tips on how to avoid
hefty penalties and personal liability that come with breaching
these laws – all explained using plain English, practical examples
and an engaging new visual design.
he Competition and Consumer Act (CCA affects
every facet of your business and at all levels, from
the sales and marketing teams to contractors engaged
in individual projects. Pleas of ignorance, either from
an employee who didn’t know about the law or from
senior management claiming ignorance of employees’
actions, will fall on deaf ears in the event of a dispute.
Those involved in
business transactions or
external communication
with customers and
suppliers. Most staff need
some understanding of
competition and consumer
law. The same rules apply
to frontline staff and
senior executives.
Anti-Competitive Behaviour appears in two formats:
in a single module suitable for all employees and
two-module advanced training which caters for
employees with additional workflow responsibilities.
There are also optional modules that focus specifically
on product liability and the competition law concerns
that relate to advertising.
This course describes the various anti-competitive
behaviours that are recognised and prohibited by
the CCA. As with all Salt Compliance courses, you
can choose who needs to study which module.
Introducing Competition Law explains the basics and
addresses all staff.
Breaches can result in a penalty of
up to $10 million for companies and up to
$500,000 for individuals per offence.
Effective compliance made easy
Course outline
module 1
module 2
module 3
module 4
module 5
module 6
Introducing competition law
What is competition?
Anti-competitive conduct and unlawful behaviour
Misleading and deceptive conduct
False and misleading representations
The powers of the ACCC
Anti-competitive behaviour
The four types of cartel conduct
Misuse of market power
Exclusive dealing and third-line forcing
Minimum resale price maintenance and unfair terms
Unconscionable conduct
(Advanced) Anti-competitive behaviour - part 1
Cartel conduct
The four types of cartel conduct
Exceptions to cartel conduct provisions
Exclusionary provisions
Misuse of market power
(Advanced) Anti-competitive behaviour - part 2
Exclusive dealing and third-line forcing
Minimum resale price maintenance
Unfair terms
Misleading and deceptive conduct
Types of unconscionable conduct
Product liability
Defective goods and product safety
Company liability, compensation for injury and legal action
Consumer guarantees
Product safety and information standards
Product bans, recalls and associated fines
Misleading and false advertising
Fine print, disclaimers and comparative advertising
Bait advertising and prize giveaways
How to ensure correct advertising practices
Defences to misleading and false advertising
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