Workshop – Designing Solutions

Module 16 Workshop – Designing Solutions
Alastair de Beer, TII
Group Work
• 5 Groups
• 15 minutes
• What is wrong with installation or design
• 3 Solutions required for each problem
• 5 minute Feedback from each group
Barrier 1
Problem 1
Problem 1
Angle of impact
Unprotected hazards
Problem 1
Side Road
Slope within w/w
Hazard within w/w
• Remove barrier and lighting columns?
• Concrete barrier on mainline and flatten land behind it.
• Redesign slip road to be at same level as mainline
Barrier 2
Not structural
No transition
No transition
• Speak to TII Bridge Manager?
• Could masonry parapet be removed?
• Could a concrete pillar be constructed upstream of the parapet?
• Not enough space for barrier over structure?
• Crash cushion in advance of parapet?
Barrier 3
No working width behind barrier
No approach length
No terminal
No anchorage
Construct reinforced concrete wall with stone cladding
Taper end of wall away from road
Precast kerb (N1 Containment) with delineation on top
H2 steel barrier or timber barrier (may not have correct working width for HGV but will work for car)
Barrier 4
Bent barrier will not work
No Anchorage
Protecting Lighting columns only
• Remove Barrier and replace lighting columns with passively safe columns (Same price as existing columns)
• Taper end of barrier at 1:20 away from road
Barrier 5
No working width behind barrier
Rails of fence Solutions?
• Increase width of verge and move fence back
• Apply for departure to use a rail‐less fence within the working width
• Have buried attenuation area and remove fence and barrier
Additional Discussion Issues
Thank you
Alastair de Beer