supports necessary for the individual to achieve or maintain

Goal 3: Increase community employment opportunities and success. (Jay Salvage)
Ohio’s Employment First directive requires all county boards to implement an Employment First policy,
and implement a plan that sets benchmarks for community employment success (such as hours worked,
benefits received, quality of interaction with co-workers) and strategies to implement Employment First
services and supports. The goal of Employment First is to enable the person served to participate in the
community; grow relationships; and have opportunities to obtain community jobs that may result in
greater earnings, better benefits, improved health, and increased quality of life. Wood Lane will build on
its past accomplishments in community employment to increase the number of people working
competitively and increase the number of hours worked per week.
Objective 3A: Add fresh perspective to the 2013 action plan teams to ensure no possibilities are
Objective 3B: Adopt an Employment First policy and implement supporting changes.
Ensure employment goals are clearly stated in each ISP as well as the activities, services, and
supports necessary for the individual to achieve or maintain community employment, job
improvement, or career advancement.
Objective 3C: Approve and implement new structure for CES. (working toward staffing agency kind of
Objective 3D: Improve the information systems for CES.
Reporting system to enable measurement of the improvements we are seeking.
Objective 3E: Improve transition activities to enable students to graduate with employment.
Work with school systems to develop transitional and work sites
Objective 3F: Building on work in Goal 1, ensure that individuals preparing for community employment
have the needed job skills, work readiness skills, social skills, and stamina to successfully fulfill the job
elopment path through training and experiences.
Objective 3G: Identify workforce needs in Wood County to understand the skills needed to secure
employment and potential new areas of employment. Wood Lane Strategic Plan 2014-2016
Objective 3H: Establish Wood Lane training programs and work experiences to develop the job skills that
meet workforce needs.
Objective 3I: Develop case studies and testimonials describing successful employment experiences with
emphasis on the benefits to the employer.
Objective 3J: Identify and implement awareness and training programs for employers.
Awareness of capabilities of individuals with DD
Objective 3K: Building on work in Goal 2, ensure availability of transportation providers to support
community employment.
Objective 3L: Launch community action teams to assist in finding jobs that meet skills and interests of
individuals served.
Objective 3M: Establish a Business Advisory Group for Wood Lane Industries.
Objective 3N: Evaluate Wood Lane Industries: structure, work experiences, impact of sub minimum wage
debate/utilization (commensurate wage), segregation.
Objective 3O: Restructure the Industries to replicate community employment.
Objective 3P: Develop criteria for participation in the Work Center.
Objective 3Q: Continuously assess accomplishments and refine all programs to improve success.