Father Steven C. Rogers Bio info

A Brief Introduction to Our Future Pastor: Father Steven C. Rogers
Having a new Pastor that is to arrive in just a few short weeks away in January,
curiosity has begun to take hold and questions are hoping to find answers. Here are
some highlights of Father Steven C. Rogers. A man of many smiles, he is most
pleased and excited about his new assignment at Holy Trinity and Twelve Apostles.
Having served as Pastor for the past seven years at Our Lady of Lourdes, he knew
that he was near the top of the list for a new assignment and he secretly hoped and
prayed for a beautiful, brand new and growing parish or a beautiful authentic church
with a well-established and solid parish family. He is thrilled that God has
answered his prayer with both choices speaking to his heart’s desires. Father recalls
this past summer and a clergy retreat and hearing priests speak about the beautiful
church in Weston and he imagined what it would be like to serve there. And then
shortly thereafter he saw pictures of the newly dedicated church in Platte City and
he also felt a spark of excitement in his heart about what it would be like to serve
there. Having told no one of his secret desire and prayer, who would have known that only six months later
Bishop Finn would appoint him to serve these two Parishes! God is awesome!
Father Rogers was ordained a Priest in 2006 after attending both Conception Abbey Seminary College in
Conception, Missouri for Philosophy and Pre-Theology and Kenrick Glennon Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri
graduating with honors with a Masters of Theology and Masters of Divinity. After graduating High School he
studied vocal music performance and fine art at the University of Missouri in Columbia and later at UMKC in
Kansas City. Also he holds degrees in Music, English, Marketing and Education. He has performed
professionally throughout the United States in a variety of venues, primarily musicals and Broadway
productions. In his business career, he was given numerous industry awards for product design and promotion
as Director of Marketing Communications for an international commercial furniture company prior to entering
seminary. For six years he traveled throughout the Diocese with Theater at VIS in the dramaturgy Stations of
the Cross and he played the role of Jesus in Godspell at NCYC at the Music Hall in Kansas City. In seminary
he directed talent shows and musical productions integrating his love of theater with his love of God. He
developed after-school programs with the Missionary of Charity Sisters in St. Louis, incorporating puppetry to
evangelize inner city children about God’s love, the Bible, the communion of saints and the Holy Catholic
Church. At Our Lady of Lourdes he has continued to integrate his love of art and music while concentrating on
grief ministry and working with the sick and dying. God brings healing, acceptance and understanding by
connecting the faithful to the power and majesty of his love through art and beauty, especially the Liturgy and
the Rites of the Holy Catholic Church.
The Holy Eucharist animates his passion today and of all the wonderful people and experiences that have
blessed his life, the most important by far is our Lord Jesus Christ and serving as a Priest at Holy Mass. A
convert to the Catholic faith, being confirmed on March 29, 1997, Father Rogers gives praise and thanks to
Almighty God each day for his vocation and for God’s love and mercy and for the opportunity to be an agent of
his love and mercy for the people he serves.