LEGEND Inquiry 2: Are you still trying to `measure up`?

LEGEND Inquiry 2: Are you still trying to ‘measure up’?
How do you measure up?
How do you determine your value?
Do you let others ways of sizing you up inform your ideas about
who you are? We all do. But that can stop now, if you want.
Do you feel free to be yourself, to take up the space that is
yours? Most culture doesn’t support that – nor does it support
women in taking up their own space. Perhaps they are afraid if
women were free to be who we are, we would take over the
1 LEGEND Inquiry 2: Are you still trying to ‘measure up’?
How, with who and why?
Who is doing the measuring now?
Are you the one with the big stick?
From the time we are born we are being measured and
weighed. It’s crazy town when you think about it. One of the
first encounters we have with ‘others’ when we exit the womb is
people checking us out, weighing us, measuring us,
determining if we are too big or too small or just right based on
where we ‘should be’ according to them. This sh*t starts way
Being that this is one of our first experiences outside the womb,
besides the blood, perhaps yelling, and bright lights, is being
evaluated as normal or not. Even if we are quote ‘normal’ our
little baby brain and being knows if something is happening
that will continue as we grow up. We call this normal: healthy.
So if you are not normal you are considered, ahem, not
healthy, or up to standards defined by people who don’t
always live from the heart. (because they have to feed the
machine the data it asks)
It seems harmless enough, right? To measure and weigh a
baby’s arrival on earth. I mean we measure our growth and
celebrate, or become concerned based on normative
standards (UGH). But perhaps more damage is being done that
we think to our vulnerable little psyches. We can misunderstand
things easily because this kind of measuring, continues and
moves on from not only our bodies and brains – but our
2 Hint: Sooooooo…now that we are adults, why are we still
wondering if we measure up, are good enough and have
value. We have the stick now and we are mis-using it.
And. Sure it is true, others are continuing to measure us – and
that isn’t going to change. So our paranoia is justified in reality
in terms of that others are sizing us up. Ok. So then. Are we
actually going to take our value based on others views of who
we are and make it our own?
We don’t have to. Today could be your lucky day to get off the
measuring stick and scale of value assigned by someone else
for most of your life. UCK, it doesn’t feel good and, it is boring
Inquiry and Journal Prompts:
1. First reject the views of others and the culture as your own.
You can make up your own from now on. Throw out the
friggen stick. If you have been allowing yourself to be
measure by others, just admit it.
2. Choose to be in exploration of your own value as
something you can create for yourself over time. (and
learn about from your painting). Use your cosmic goggles
to see – no one elses.
3. Notice and write down the places where you feel you
have been allowing yourself to be measured by others,
and by yourself, often resulting in an incessant need for
approval from others. Release them in asmuch as you can
in consciousness.
4. Agree with your LEGENDARY SELF to start paying MUCH
closer attention to your beliefs about your own worth.
Choose some kind of affirmation that works for you and
3 write that down like –
I am worth exploring. I get to choose how I show up.
My experience of myself is created by me, not others
outside of me.
YOU are on a journey to invent yourself anew – that
means letting go of everyone, yes I mean everyone else’s
ideas about you. Later on we will move more into how
choosing to be the one who defines you – leads to
Do you even exist if no one is looking?
We have to learn to find our own value separate from
what others think. This is HARD work and must be done to
LIBERATE ourselves.
Inspire by a chat with the inspiring Effy Wild
4 This is a Star Post from Notorious Nova. I am your narrator for the
LEGEND: Archetype course. I bring you inquiries and readings
for the journey between the two worlds.