Sponsor Quiz - Spring

Sponsor Quiz - Spring
Welcome to the second Sponsor Quiz! All answers to the
questions (overleaf) can be found in the 2015/16 Sponsors
Directory. Additional copies can be found in the reception
lobby of the School Office.
Which of our three Platinum sponsors is a charitable foundation of
a famous philanthropic family?
Other than kitchens, what other rooms can you get replaced at
Where does T30Gym hold their gymnastics club?
Bumper Hamper
including 4 tickets to
Happy’s Circus on 16th June
Which sponsor offers “a culinary journey of the Indian
Which sponsor can you contact if you want to extend your house?
Which sponsor offers a fresh approach to school photography?
All correctly answered questions will be entered into a draw
and a winner will be randomly selected and announced
on 24 March.
To enter, please complete the contact information below and
answer the questions on the back. Entry deadline is
Wednesday, 23 March. Please put your answer in the PTA box
in the (Holtspur) school reception area.
How many reasons does Explore Learning state why you should
choose them in their advert?
Which sponsor sells footwear?
What service does FDL Smith Ltd offer?
Name: _____________________________
Telephone: _____________________________
Email: _____________________________
Which sponsor can you go get treatment for muscle aches/pain?
* Please note: Only one entry per family
2015/16 Holtspur School PTA Platinum & Gold Community Sponsors
2015/16 Holtspur School PTA Platinum & Gold Community Sponsors