think identity theft can`t happen to you? think again.

ID Reclaim®
Get fully managed recovery care and peace of mind with ID Reclaim.
It’s a Fact: Identity Theft Is on the Rise
Identity theft is the #1 consumer complaint reported to the FTC.1 With one in 30
Americans currently affected every year,2 the question may no longer be if you or
someone in your family will become a victim of identity theft — but when.
What is Identity Theft?
Clues that you might be a victim:
According to the U.S. Department of Justice, identity theft occurs whenever an
individual’s personal data is used in a fraudulent or deceptive way. That includes:
• Stolen credit card numbers
• Changes to the payee or amount on a check
• False cell phone or utility bills
• Fraudulent medical bills
• Default on forged contacts
• Crimes committed using a consumer’s identity and Social Security number
• Trouble opening a new checking account
• Bad checks passed in your name
• Checks rejected by merchant(s)
• Fraudulent or unauthorized transactions on
any of your bank or credit card accounts
If you become a victim of identity theft, recovering your identity is time consuming and
costly. The average person spends 49 hours attempting to recover his or her identity.3
• Fraudulent information appearing on your
credit report
ID Reclaim to the Rescue
• Missing important documents in your mail
• Inaccurate medical records
Half of all identity theft is not related to financial institutions. So whether your credit card
is used fraudulently, your wallet is stolen or you find yourself in a worst-case identity
theft scenario — or even if you suspect someone has used your identity fraudulently —
ID Reclaim can help.
• Receiving calls from debt collectors for
unknown debt
• Wrongful criminal violations attributed to
your name
Peace of Mind With Fully Managed Care
• Unauthorized phone calls in your name
Unlike other identity recovery services that provide limited assistance by phone or
generic forms you have to file yourself, ID Reclaim offers fully managed care through a
limited power of attorney authorization. That means a personal recovery advocate does
all the legwork on your behalf — based on a plan you approve — and will report on
progress along the way. Your personal advocate will be there for you until your identity
is restored as closely as possible to its pre-theft status.
To be eligible for ID Reclaim you
must have at least one of the following:
• Dacotah Bank Visa CheckCard
• Dacotah Bank Visa Credit Card
One-on-One Help From a Personal Recovery Advocate
With ID Reclaim, you don’t have to face identity theft alone. Each personal recovery
advocate is a licensed, caring professional* who will:
• Thoroughly research and document the fraudulent transactions
• Design a customized recovery plan and file all paperwork
• Notify creditors, bill collectors, banks, mortgage companies, and government
agencies, such as the state motor vehicle department, the Social Security
Administration, and the U.S. Postal Service
• Take continued action until your identity has been restored as closely as possible
to its pre-theft status
• Provide post-recovery follow-up care for 12 months to address any additional
fraudulent activity associated with the initial event
How can I Get ID Reclaim Coverage?
As an account holder with Dacotah Bank, you may already have ID Reclaim Basic
coverage as a complimentary benefit and get peace of mind.
• Dacotah Bank Personal Online Banking
Consumer Fraud and Identity Theft Compliant Data, January - December
2008. Federal Trade Commission February 2009
2009 Identity Fraud Survey Report (Javelin)
2008 Identity Fraud Survey Report (Javelin)
*Fair Credit Reporting Act certification, private investigator licensure
ID Reclaim cannot be used for a pre-existing identity theft occurrence that
was discovered prior to the consumer’s benefit period. ID Reclaim does not
reimburse a consumer for any expenses related to identity theft. Contact a
representative of this financial institution for full details, and for terms and
conditions of the ID Reclaim program.
ID Reclaim is a copyright of Harland Clarke (2009) ID Reclaim is
administered by an independent service provider.
ID Reclaim Basic
Provides identity recovery services for the primary and secondary account holder with a Dacotah
Bank CheckCard, Dakota Bank Credit Card, or Dacotah Bank Personal Online Banking.
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