Course Title Ag Fabrication Course Title Ag Fabrication

Course Title Ag Fabrication
Teacher: Mr. Morton
E-mail: [email protected]
Planning Period: Block 1 & Block 5
Phone: 785-456-2214 ext 5401
Prerequisites: Agriscience, Ag Welding
Resources Used: Welding Skills
R.T. Miller
2nd Edition 1997
This course is offered to provide students knowledge and skills
Description of Course:
in the area of metal fabrication. Emphasis is placed on all the welding processes commonly
used in the Ag Welding Industry. A majority of the class time is for students to construct
individual metal projects, which utilize the skills learned in Agriscience and Ag Welding .
By the end of the course, students will be proficient in:
Practice Safe Work Habits
o Pass Safety Exam with 100%
o Use appropriate guards and
Project Selection
o Create a bill of materials
o Complete a metal project
Project Construction
o Condition metal
o Clean around projects
o Select tools for painting
MIG Welding
o Maintain welder
o Use to build projects
Arc Welding
o Construct a project by Arc
TIG Welding
o Weld aluminum and steel
Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting
o Braze welding projects
o Join pipe and tubing
o Prepare projects for showing
o Compete in Ag Mech CDE
o Catalog Projects
Mr. Morton
Ag Classroom/Shop/Greenhouse
Classroom Policies
- Class begins with the sound of the second bell. If you are not in your
seat when the bell rings then you will be counted as tardy. You may
get a drink and go to the bathroom before or after class but not
after the second bell has rang. Come in and sit down before doing
Course Title Ag Fabrication
anything else. All tardies will be reported to the office. If you
cannot make it from one building to the other in the time that you are
allowed then please alert me to this so we may discuss this problem.
Leaving Class
- Leaving class will not be allowed without permission from the office.
If you have items in your vehicle for class then they need to be
dropped off before or after school. You will not be allowed to go to
your vehicle during class or downtown to get supplies/parts.
Attitude and Conduct
- While in class you are expected to be sitting in your seat unless
otherwise instructed. When you have something to say or want to add
to class discussion, please raise your hand and speak when you are
called upon. If your attitude is comparable to a grade school student,
then you will be treated as a grade school student. If you act like the
mature high school student that you should be then you will be
treated as such.
Consequences of poor behavior
- Poor behavior can be defined as any disruption during class.
Disrupting class is punishable by being removed from class.
- If you are going to be absent from class, check in to find out what we
will be doing the day that you will be gone so that the work can be
made up.
Class materials
- All textbooks will be kept in the classroom unless otherwise
designated as such. It is your responsibility to have all your materials
(paper, pen/pencil, etc..) for class everyday. You will have a storage
space to keep your materials in if you wish. If you choose to do such
you will need to keep your storage space clean and organized.
Cheating Policy
Course Title Ag Fabrication
Any student caught cheating will automatically receive a zero on their
assignment. After reporting it to the office, your parents will be
notified of what happened.
Wamego High School will use a standardized grading scale for all courses.
The scale will be as follows:
Below 70%
Classroom Rules:
Your School,
& Others You
Course Title Ag Fabrication