Fibers, Plastics and Rubber

Fibers, Plastics
and Rubber
Industrial Weighing and Measuring
Stronger than Steel,
smooth as Spider Silk
Man-made fibers such as polymer monofilaments (polyamide)
have fantastic properties that allow the creation of new, sophisticated products, such as airbags, climbing ropes, functional clothing or medical products.
The highly demanding performance
requirements of polyamide yarns
requires meticulous manufacturing
and tight quality control. Precise and
consistent fiber thickness, as well as
strict compliance to the perforation
size of the fabric is mandatory. The
finest polyamide yarns have a thickness of 0.03mm, or a yarn count of
around 10dtex. *
Continuous quality assurance
A METTLER TOLEDO customer has
equipped their in-process control
stations with ID30 industrial weighing PCs, XS precision balances and
barcode readers.
The METTLER TOLEDO Statistical
Quality Control software solution
FreeWeigh.Net®, running on the ID30,
ensures consistent product quality
and supports the optimization of the
manufacturing process.
Basically, the operator unwinds a
sample of 25–100m of the yarn,
weighs it on an XS precision balance
and extrapolates the reading to 10 000
meters. The result corresponds to the
yarn count in dtex.
The yarn count expresses the thickness of the yarn, i.e. it
indicates the length of the yarn in relation to the weight.
Dtex is defined as the mass in grams per 10’000 meters.
10dtex = 10g per 10’000m
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Quality Assurance Solutions
Full traceability
“FreeWeigh.Net® software helps us
assure constant product quality,”
says the quality manager, “because
it allows us to check individual reels
of filament in our spinning lines,
each of them including a number of
“We can now identify which spool a
filament, with a yarn count value of
X, came from,” adds the IT project
manager. “This traceability gives us
absolute compliance with ISO 9000
and helps us ensure constant high
Courtesy Carlos Zaith
High quality is not an option
Going to the extremes with polyamid monofilaments worked-up to a high-performance rope.
FreeWeigh.Net ® SQC
• Statistical methods for analyzing and
controlling process variance
• Qualitative and quantitative production
data acquisition
• Production planning, product data
management and test planning
• Online multi-language support
• Open client server architecture
• MS SQL database
• Ethernet networking
• SAP interface
Purchasers of the yarn products receive
a manufacturer’s certificate with every
delivery specifying the yarn count
value in dtex.
Key benefits
•Assured product quality
•Improved operator efficiency
•Optimized production process
through documentation of all relevant in-process control data
•Reduced costs through automatic
and electronic reporting
ID30 industrial weighing PC
• Stainless steel housing
• IP69K protection
• Serial, parallel, USB and Ethernet
• Up to three analog and digital scales
• Up to 64 I/Os
• TFT flat screen
• Windows® operating system
ID30 industrial
weighing PC
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XS1003S Precision balance
• Capacity 1010g, readability 1mg
• Graphical display with touchscreen
• FACT: Fully Automatic Calibration
Technology, senses temperature
changes and adjusts the balance
using built-in reference weights.
• Stainless steel weighing pan with draft
ring or draft shield
Barcode reader
MarCom Industrial
CH-8603 Schwerzenbach
MTSI 44099780
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XS1003S Precision balance
Fibers Plastics and Rubber News
Get to know the flow of your goods
Many METTLER TOLEDO customers realize immediate and significant revenue
savings by weighing vehicles and by filling or discharging on a weighbridge.
METTLER TOLEDO truck and rail
scales are Weights & Measures authority certified to precisely weigh to 20kg
and deliver highest accuracy and
reliability even under harsh weather conditions. The industry-leading
POWERCELL® MTX based scales insure
your trucks and rail cars are quickly
and accurately weighed and that your
scale is up and running 24/7. The
only time you should see the service
technician is during routine maintenance – this translates directly into
real cost savings. And, in the very
rare event of a cell failure, usually
due to a physical damage to the cell
or cable, the ­POWERCELL® MTX network instantly reports the failure as
well as the failure location – and
a technician is quickly on site getting you back up and running. With
­POWERCELL® MTX load cells, vehicle
scales are successfully operating in
many normal and extreme environments, including deserts, Siberia and
the Antarctic.
Connect your scale to OverDrive™
vehicle management software
The powerful OverDrive™ vehicle scale
software is designed to fully control
inbound/outbound transactions of
your production/storage facility. It
enables you to determine what data is
important, allows you to customize the
user interface, tickets and reports, and
provides import/export capabilities for
use with your CRM/MES/ERP system.
Up and running in no time.
cells are easily accessible
through a maintenance
opening in the weighbridge.
Digital POWERCELL® MTX load cells
• Five-year solid warranty
• Capacity: 25–90t / 55 000–200 000lbs
• Instant failure notification
• IP68/IP69k protection
• 3000e–6000e OIML
• 5000d–10 000d NTEP
• Zone 1/21 & Divisions 1 & 2 approved
• Worldwide calibration and expert service
• Integral lightning protection
Fibers Plastics and Rubber News
Formulation management
Unfold the blaze of colors
with consistent color quality
The Smoby Group, founded in 1924, is today the number
two European plastic toy manufacturer. Engineering knowhow and over 20 years of expertise in the rotational molding technology are the secret of success.
Smoby’s credo is to provide toys that
are safe and reliable. This is achieved
by ensuring that strict quality control
is maintained throughout the industrial process.
weighing indicators and PBA430
bench scales. Depending on the production plan, different operators work
at the same station to dose the same
color for different recipes.
METTLER TOLEDO helps Smoby realize this credo by providing solutions
to optimize technology sophistication and guarantee closely-controlled
The weighing stations dose the correct color in accurate amounts by
downloading the target data from an
ERP system.The IND690 controls the
dosing valve in the silos from which
the raw material is discharged until
the target weight is reached. The rugged METTLER TOLEDO platforms,
guarantee the optimal resistance to
the chemical properties of the polymer powders.
To dye plastic parts ranging from
0.1kg to over 300kg, fourteen weighing stations are equipped with IND690
ERP system
Dosing stations for colors at the Smoby manufacturing
plant in Moirans en Montagne (France).
Fibers Plastics and Rubber News
Key benefits
•Reduction of errors through accurate process control and ERP integrated data management system
•Increased productivity through
optimized production steps
•Full tracking and tracing: all
relevant information about raw
material, weighing procedures and
operators are documented
•Improved inventory management
•Ensured product quality through
accurate and reliable weighing
Courtesy Smoby
IND690 weighing indicator
PBA430-A15 bench scale
• Stainless steel design with IP69K
• Big Weight ® display
• Up to four scales connectable and
sum-scale feature
• Wide variety of software pacs such as
Count, Form, Com, Sum, Fill, Batch,
Control, FormXP
• Broad interface range available:
Ethernet, WLAN, USB, Bluetooth®,
Profibus® DP
• Material identification through barcode
reader and RFID
• Hazardous area approved
for Zone 2/22
• Stainless steel design,
IP68/69K protection
• Capacity: 15kg
• Resolution: 2x3000e multi-range
(approved readability:15kg/5g– 6kg/2g)
Courtesy Smoby
Fibers Plastics and Rubber News
Process control
Controlled traction:
Tires made to stick
Today, the world tire market totals
92 billion USD*: two-thirds of which
equip passenger cars and light trucks,
and one-third equips trucks and buses
– this sums-up to an annual production output of more than 1.1 billion
During a century of technological
development, the tires of today have
became very sophisticated products.
They are the perfect mixture of innovation, highest technology and exceptional know-how applied to the most
traditional of the mankind’s need: to
A perfect mixture requires not only
the right raw materials but also that
they are present in precise amount.
Futhermore highly reliable processes, available 24/7, are needed.
­METTLER TOLEDO is the right partner for all tire manufacturers to
ensure safety on the road.
Weighing technology is key for all
process steps: from blending and dosing different kinds of carbon and
rubber to the addition of accurate
amounts of additives, activators and
oils for the success of your vulcanization process.
Source: 2004 World sales, Tire Business, 28. 08. 2005
Source: Michelin
Typical manufacturing
process for tire rubber.
2. Rubber blend
1. Carbon blend
3. Additives in powders
4. Oils
Weigh module
Bar code or RFID
5. Mixing
6. Other additives
Fibers Plastics and Rubber News
7. Calendering
8. Vulcanization & Forming
9. Cut, metal detection,
and checkweigher
End product
Key benefits
Courtesy Ricardo Rollo
•Highest yield achieved by accurate
weighing of all compounds
•Increased process control through
easy data interfacing with PLC
•Customizable solution due to the flexibility and modularity of JagBasic
•Wash down, anti-corrosive installations through smooth stainless
JagXtreme® weighing indicator
KCS600sx hi-precision floor scale
• Stainless steel platform
• Capacity: 600kg
• Readability: 0.01kg
KB60s hi-precision bench scale
• Stainless steel platform
• Capacity: 60kg
• Readability: 0.001kg
Weigh Modules
• Capacity range from 5kg–100t
• Stainless steel load cells
• IP68 protection class
• Mounting plates in mild steel and
stainless steel
• Accuracy: 3000e/6000e OIML
version and 5000d NTEP version
(depending on model)
• Hazardous areas approved for Zone
1/21 and Division 1
• Process safety with predictive maintenance TraxEMT ™
– Monitors condition of each load cell
– Run-flat technology: in case a load cell
is damaged, it is automatically
replaced with a virtual equivalent
allowing you to finish a batch
– Schedules and tracks its own
• Seamless connectivity
– Ethernet (LAN & WAN) and various
analog and serial communication
– Profibus® DP, Allen-Bradley ® RIO,
Modbus® Plus, ControlNet ™,
EthernetIP™ interfaces
• Wide variety of connectable scales with
concurrent operation
– Up to four analog scales or four
vessels on weigh modules
• Full flexibility
– JagBASIC programming language for
free programmability
• Ultra fast and accurate control while mixing
– Update rate: > 300Hz
– TraxDSP ™ vibration rejection by
superior noise filtering
• Hazardous area approved for Zone 2/22
and Division 2
Fibers Plastics and Rubber News
Ensure quality of your plastic material
with moisture content verification
Injection molding is a highly sophisticated process requiring
raw materials of high quality. The METTLER TOLEDO moisture
analyzer enables manufacturers an efficient control of the raw
materials on the production floor on a 24/7 basis.
Many parts in the automotive industry are made of ABS, POM, PET and
PE pellets, with a specified moisture content. Wrong moisture content can cause visual damage, inadequate physical characteristics and
production problems. The METTLER
TOLEDO H83 moisture analyzer is
the striking choice for an easy-to-use,
fast and robust solution to control the
quality of your plastic pellets online.
Futhermore the fully documented
results help you to ensure an easy
qualification as a supplier of plastics
parts for your car!
Key benefits
•Short analysis time
•High product quality through increased reproduction and reliability of results
•High accuracy with resolution up
to 0.001% MC (Moisture content)
•Reduced production waste
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