“full-cutoff” luminaires Kurtzon`s Wet Lock 836 Series Luminaire

Outdoor Photometry. See below for basic layout information, and visit our website for full photometric data.
Full Cutoff Luminaires are defined as wall mount fixtures
that show “ Zero Light Above 90 degrees “ .
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Basics of wall-mount “full-cutoff” luminaires
This type of product has become important in the new
millennium due to on-going efforts to reduce high levels of
glare that are observed over urban areas at night; the socalled “light pollution”effect. Much of the glare is believed
to come from light that is emitted from lighting fixtures,
often referred to as “spill light”. In many cases, the lighting
fixtures emit light at almost all angles, and little can be
done with the design due to the requirements of the task,
such as baseball or football field illumination. Municipalities
have begun to respond to criticism of exterior lighting with
increased “lighting regulation” rules, that mandate certain
lighting requirements for luminaires. “Full-cutoff luminaires”
have been identified in these regulations as “good lighting”,
and so Kurtzon joins other manufacturers who are putting
effort into developing a product line to meet this demand.
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Due to its emphasis on “wet-location”, “vandal-resistance”,
and stainless steel construction, Kurtzon has had a longterm product in its catalog with some of the requirements
of a “Full-cutoff “ luminaire: the 836 series in the “Environmental” section. Kurtzon has recently decided to upgrade
its design effort to present a new catalog sheet.
Kurtzon’s Wet Lock 836 Series Luminaire
We have retained the original quality features, improved
others, and are now providing more application data for
this product series.
Distance in units of mounting height.
Values based on 10 foot mounting ht.
Distribution on the Vertical Surface. Shown below
is the main vertical luminance pattern.
In addition to offering an exterior wall-mount product, UL
listed for Wet Location, designed for full angle cutoff below
90 degrees, and with a low profile as before, we have
made some improvements in the current design.
The fixture is now designed with a “drop” frame held by
stainless aircraft cable, and is provided
with mounting KO’s for either wall or
surface mounting, along with surface
conduit capacity for both mounting
configurations, as standard. Our reflector
is a “low iridisence” type.
Fixture Type:
Catalog Number:
Application: (2) 100w HPS luminaires at
10Ft. mounting ht. on 20 ft. centers
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