Are birds more closely related to bats or crocodiles? Are dolphins

The Hercules beetle is one
of the largest beetles known,
reaching up to 6. 75 inches.
Do they undergo complete
Do ferns have seeds?
When did they first evolve?
What animal is the
closest living relative
of spiders and scorpions
Who evolved first, the stegasaurus which
was a reptile or the sea urchin?
Are spiders insects?
The evolution of a water-tight egg
allowed animals to live fully on land.
Which two living groups evolved to
living back in the water full time?
Are dolphins and whales more closely
related to hippos or manatees?
Is a snake a tetrapod?
Are birds more
closely related to
bats or crocodiles?
What kind of seeds
does a water lily have?
Is a sponge an animal?
There are over 5, 000
quills on the average
Are hedgehogs more
closely related to
primates or armadillos?
Do lampreys have jaws?
When did they evolve?
There are 4, 800
recorded species of frogs.
What living group of animals
are they most closely related
to, and when did they share a
common ancestor?
Elephant shrews are they more closely
related to elephants
or shrews?
Wings are an example of
“convergent evolution” where different animal groups
evolved wings separetly.
Show 3 groups with different
kinds of wings.
Is Rhodophyta, or red
algae, a plant?
How about brown algae?
Elephants are the
largest living
terrestrial animals.
Who are their closest
living relatives?
Do all insects have
When did wings first
evolve in insects?
Cephalopods are regarded as
the most intelligent
of the invertebrates.
Are they more closely
related to jellyfish or clams?
This bass has ray-fins. Name two groups of
fish that have lobe-fins instead of ray-fins.
Horseshoe crabs
evolved 450 million
years ago.
Are they more closely
related to spiders or
When did plants adapt to land?
What trait evolved that helped them do that?
Asteroidea are
found in all the
world’s oceans.
During what geological
perod did they evolve?
When was the last common
ancestor of cats and catfish?