17 kW APU ADSF 282

17 kW APU ADSF 282
With Integrated Permanent Magnet Generator
ESW is a leading supplier of energy systems and components
for military vehicles. Its 17kW 28V DC APU consists of a
modern high speed engine and integrated flywheel generator
based on the latest engineering standards, characterized by
high power density, low specific fuel consumption, high reliability and durability. The fuel engine may be operated either
by kerosene based fuel or diesel.
This auxiliary power unit applies future technology of four
cylinder, four stroke engine and sets new standards in the
military vehicle market. It has been developed to provide the
best solution for space and weight constraints through its
modular design to meet various space requirements. Optional
military requirements can be considered if required.
The integrated permanent magnet generator is flywheel
mounted to the engine to achieve best power density. ESW’s
long-established know-how in military vehicle technologies
results in a compact design: light-weight with lowest possible
space requirements.
Energy Systems
17 kW Auxiliary Power Unit
The generator is a permanently excited synchronous machine directly mounted on the engine´s
flywheel. The running machine in combination with
the generator controller provides constant
DC voltage controlled by the rotational speed of the
The APU controller processes and supplies
all necessary monitoring data. The external
interface to the vehicles control system is realized
through a CAN-Bus. Vehicle control, inspection
and maintenance functions are simplified to
improve operational availability and durability.
Special Features:
Fields of Application:
▀ Adaptable to vehicles compartment
due to modular design
17 kW APU supplies electrical energy for the vehicle
even when the main engine is not running.
▀ Compact design (low space – light-weight)
▀ Enable low level noise system design
▀ High power output
▀ Efficient fuel consumption
▀ Batteries can be charged
▀ Electrical air conditioning can be operated
▀ Silent watch mode is possible
▀ Liquid-cooled system
▀ Parallel running mode with main generator
Benefits for your vehicle are:
▀ Less wear for the main engine of the vehicle,
longer maintenance interval and less fuel
▀ Higher availability of the vehicle
Engine-Generator Unit
Cooling and Exhaust System
Permanent magnet generator, directly mounted on an engine. Peripheral
equipment according to customer requirements
Nominal Output
17 kW
Nominal Voltage
28V DC
Nominal Current
610 A at approx. 3600 rpm
Liquid cooling
Weight in Total
Approx. 270 kg (Engine-Generator Unit approx. 200 kg)
Dimensions (Engine-Generator Unit)
Approx. 765 x 463 x 369 mm (Length x Width x Hight)
Military Standards
Kerosene (F-34/ F-63), Diesel (F-54)
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