Access to MaineStreet This is extremely important!

Access to MaineStreet
This is extremely
Account Activation
Go to and click on Account Activation
Step 1: Enter your Student ID number and account activation key (which you will find in your enclosed
letter). You will need to enter these twice.
Step 2: Choose a password that is at least eight characters, at least one number and a mix of both upper
and lowercase letters.
Step 3: Create 3 questions (with 3 answers to those questions) that can be used in the future if you need
to reset your password.
Step 4: Activate your account
Your MaineStreet account will become active within 24 hours of activation so BE SURE TO
Once your account is activated, check back regularly by logging in to
Your User ID is normally your first name.last name (ex. John.Doe) .
Now that you’ve logged in, play around. MaineStreet will be your best friend for the next 4 years, so
become very familiar with it. Start by clicking on the Student Self-Service link and then Student Center.
You can check the status of your application and see your “to do” list. Eventually you will be able to see
your financial aid and classes.
Farmington E-mail
This is probably the most important part! Now that you have applied you automatically have a e-mail and this is how we will communicate with you from here on out, so get in the habit of
checking it regularly. It’s really important!
Go to
Your ID and password are the same as your MaineStreet information. You are going to start
receiving e-mails from Admissions, Financial Aid, and even from Faculty so it is so important
that you remember to check this at least once a week from here on out. If you have any
questions, feel free to contact the UMF Admissions office at (207)-778-7050.
How To
Reset Lost or Forgotten Password
Step 1: Go To and about halfway down that
page is Reset a lost password . Once you click on that link it will take you
to a page that asks for your Student ID number (e.g. 0700000) and your
Username (e.g. john.doe). Click Continue.
Step 2: You will be asked to enter your student ID number again, but it
pre-fills your username. You will then be asked to answer two security
questions that you originally chose when you activated your account.
Step 3: Choose a password that you can easily remember.
Step 4: Click Set Password. Note that once you reset your password, it
may take a little time for the system to catch up and the password to work - sometimes even overnight.
If you continue to have problems re-setting your password contact the
Admission office at 207-778-7050 for assistance.
Activate your MaineStreet Account
Log in to your e-mail
Check back regularly