Ethernet over Copper Meets Demands for

Ethernet over Copper Meets Demands
for Continual Growth, Giving You Greater
Bandwidth Without Greater Cost!
Now you can increase bandwidth without the capEx
with BullsEye’s Ethernet over Copper (EoC). The latest
in broadband technology, EoC gives you high-speed
intenet connectivity at a fraction of the cost compared
to other broadband solutions. Give your mission-critical
applications the added boost.
Increased Cost Savings
Save valuable capEx with minimal build-out costs
A Single Provider Delivering Fast and Reliable
Ethernet Nationwide
Convenient 1- and 3-year terms available
Standard installation and equipment included
on 3-year term
Unlimited Internet access
Phone service is not required
Just plug and play with existing LAN
One FREE Static IP address included
Additional Static IP addresses available
Online portal simplifies the management of your
telecom solutions
Nationwide coverage for more than just your
broadband needs
Backed by Industry-Leading SLAs
Network Availability: 99.99%
Packet Delivery Rate: 99.9%
Latency: 110ms round trip
Available Speeds*
2.0M x 2.0M
20.0M x 20.0M
3.0M x 3.0M
25.0M x 25.0M
5.0M x 5.0M
30.0M x 30.0M
8.0M x 8.0M
35.0M x 35.0M
10.0M x 10.0M
40.0M x 40.0M
12.0M x 12.0M
45.0M x 45.0M
15.0M x 15.0M
Increase your operational efficiency and business
productivity with high-speed downloads and uploads
at a fraction of the cost of other broadband solutions
Enhanced Performance
F aster downloads and uploads with higher
bandwidth options
E njoy faster Internet with a dedicated bandwidth
that is never shared
S ave time and increase productivity with symmetrical
bandwidth by making large data transfers easier and
faster between headquarters and remote locations
Greater Scalability
reater control when you upgrade instantly by turning
up your speed with a simple phone call to BullsEye
E asy to add more bandwidth with a quick change
in configuration. No need to re-provision.
Improved Reliability
E njoy peace of mind with built-in redundancy
from broadband that runs over the existing
telephony network
F or a best-of-breed solution, combine Ethernet with
other broadband solutions, voice, VoIP, network
security, hosted solutions, cellular and managed
solutions from BullsEye for ALL your multiple
locations on a single invoice
*Call for pricing and availability
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