SURVEY FORM — Additional Questions (48

SURVEY FORM — Additional Questions (48-62)
Please respond to the following statements. Please mark your responses in the
“Extra Questions” section of the Survey Form.
Describe the frequency of your instructor’s teaching procedures, using the following codes:
= Hardly Ever
= Occasionally
= Sometimes
= Frequently
= Almost Always
The Instructor:
48. Made an effort to personalize the course topics and course work by connecting it when possible to our different
cultures, communities, daily lives and interests.
49. Helped us to identify our learning styles, and suggested specific strategies we can use to successfully work with
different teaching styles and learning environments.
50. Made an effort to use different teaching methods to make learning easier for students with different learning styles
(visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic).
51. Helped us to know and understand effective learning and study strategies for the course (textbook reading, lecture
note-taking, test preparation, test-taking, etc.).
52. Advised us to take advantage of City College’s Counseling services, and made us aware of the importance of having a
career goal and an educational plan for achieving our goals.
53. Encouraged us to take advantage of City College’s tutorial services to improve our skills.
54. Encouraged us to take advantage of City College’s Support Services (Learning Resource Center, DSP&S, Student
Health, Mental Health, EOPS, TRIO/ASPIRE, MESA, etc) to meet our academic and personal needs.
Describe your experience in this course using the following codes:
= Strongly Disagree
= Disagree
= Neither Agree nor Disagree
= Agree
= Strongly Agree
In this course:
55. I was responsible for my learning.
56. I was self-motivated to learn.
57. I planned and managed my time & work to achieve my goals.
58. I was able to build supportive relationships with my classmates that helped me achieve my goals.
59. I was more aware of my strengths (my gifts) and other skills that need improvement.
60. I increased my hunger for learning.
61. I understood how my emotions (feelings) affected the choices that I made.
62. I increased my confidence in myself and my ability to succeed.
In the “Comments” Section of the Survey Form, please add any comments about what you liked best about this class.
What activities worked best for you? Also, what didn’t you like about this class?
Thank you for your thoughtful answers. Your responses and comments will
give us a better understanding about how our City College students best learn.