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Conductors and Insulators
A conductor is a material that allows electricity to flow through it.
An insulator is a material that electricity cannot flow through.
To determine whether an object is a conductor or insulator, you can build a simple
circuit with a battery, light bulb, and three pieces of wire.
Touch the free ends of the wire to the object you are testing. If the light bulb lights up, the
object is made from a conductor. if it does not, the object is made from an insulator.
Complete the table. Predict whether each item is made from a material that is a conductor or
insulator. Then test each item to determine if it is made from a conductor or insulator.
Prediction: Conductor or Insulator?
Result: Conductor or Insulator?
rubber band
paper clip
brass paper fastener
glass microscope slide
(your choice)
(your choice)
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