Title: Drishtikon: A Management Journal ISSN: 0975

 Title: Drishtikon: A Management Journal ISSN: 0975‐7848 Periodicity: (2) URL: http://www.publishingindia.com/Research/ProductInfo/Journal‐
Info.aspx?InfoID=8 About Journal: Drishtikon: A Management Journal is a Biannual Journal of Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development. The objective of this journal is to disseminate knowledge encompassing emerging management concepts, product and process innovations, structure and performance of organizations and industries in dynamic socio‐cultural, political, technological, economical and political environment. Drishtikon, a Sanskrit word, implies the impression, overview and synopsis of our thoughts and ideas when showered with flow of knowledge. Drishtikon intends to live up to all of these meanings in their true essence. Type of Serial: peer‐reviewed journal Note: Title: IMS Manthan (The Journal of Mgt., Comp. Science & Journalism) ISSN: 0974‐7141 Periodicity: (2) URL: http://www.publishingindia.com/manthan/ About Journal: nstitute of Management Studies, Noida has created a niche for itself in organizing its academic endeavour in such a way that the creativity, talent and capabilities of all engaged in education and industry are developed. The institute provides an intellectually and professionally stimulating environment for research scholars to share their views and research work through the Biannual Research Journal, IMS Manthan ( ISSN 0974‐7141, commenced publishing in 2006) with focus on the various issues, innovations, technologies, mantras in Management & Information Technology. The main objective of the Research Journal is to bridge the gap between theory and practice. The overwhelming response to IMS‐Manthan has shown us a path to launch the specialized sections of IMS‐Manthan in Computer Science & Technology, Management and Journalism. The first edition of the same in the new format will be on the desks by December 2009. IMS Manthan aims to provide an interactive and dynamic forum for professionals, researchers and academicians for knowledge sharing and dissemination especially innovations and strategies as applied to computer and communications technologies. Type of Serial: Research journal Note: Title: Indian Journal of Human development ISSN: 0973‐7189 Periodicity: (2) URL: http://ihdindia.org/ihdjournal/ About Journal: The Indian Journal of Human Development (IJHD) is a peer‐reviewed multi disciplinary journal, published bi‐annually by the Institute for Human Development, New Delhi. It provides an open platform for promoting debate and discussion from a human development perspective and also promotes critical engagement with human development discourse and conventional theories of development. IJHD publishes articles, reviews, perspectives, research notes/commentaries, statistics relating to human development and book reviews. These include articles on issues affecting development, marginalization, poverty and inequality from a number of disciplines including economics, history, politics, philosophy, legal studies, anthropology, gender studies, films and cultural studies. Type of Serial: Peer reviewed journal Note: Title: International Journal for Accounting Research ISSN: 2231‐6949 Periodicity: Quaterly URL: About Journal: The International Journal for Acounting Research is launched with the objective of becoming a leading journal in the field of management and intends to identify latest trends and practices in various disciplines of management.The journal runs with the belief that as the various disciplines of management ,i.e.Finance, Marketing,HR,Operations and Technology amongst others are closely intertwined and as the final goal of all these disciplines is to offer a differential positioning for the organization with the objective of enhancing the value of the firm,hence all the research works of management has to keep this goal of the firm in view and tie it back to the conclusions drawn. Type of Serial: Accounting research Note: Title: Journal of Entrepreneurship & Management ISSN: 2277‐6850 Periodicity: TI(3) URL: About Journal: Journal invites research papers based on empirical research, case studies, monographs, review papers and book reviews related to different aspects of entrepreneurship theory and practice. The published papers should be able to add significant value to the existing literature of entrepreneurship. Sustaining of the reader’s interest is an important criterion for selection of the paper. Research based articles are strongly encouraged but focus should be on analysis and recommendations cutting down on technical aspects. Policy papers, best practices and case studies, creative concepts and applications, book reviews, commentaries, interviews and other thought provoking manuscripts are strongly encouraged. Particularly welcome are future oriented manuscripts that offer small businesses and start‐ups a vision of business in twenty first century and practical road maps for getting there. Also encouraged are manuscripts that address interdisciplinary topics or approach “traditional” topics from interdisciplinary perspective. Learning by sharing is the foundation of this journal. We encourage success stories of policy implementation at a macro level as also best practices and creative solutions at firm level Type of Serial: Note: Title: Journal of Organization and Human Behaviour ISSN: 2277‐3274 Periodicity: Quarterly URL: About journal: Topics covered by the journal include micro as well as macro organisational behaviour. Just to name the few, organisational motivation, perception, attitudes, personality, emotional and social intelligence, well‐being and performance on one hand and organisational design, development, change, culture and effectiveness on the other. We are interested in articles that investigate these topics as they pertain to individuals, groups, and broader organisational perspectives. For each topic, we place a premium on articles that make fundamental and substantial contributions to understanding psychological processes relevant to human attitudes, cognitions, and behaviour in organizations. More so, research papers from interdisciplinary and upcoming areas covering human dimensions in organisations like economic psychology, consumer behaviour, organisational health, environmental issues in organisations, promoting ecological consciousness in organisations, impact of climate change on organisational behaviour and other related fields from culture specific/cross cultural perspective are especially encouraged. Type of serial: Note: Title: IIMS Journal of Management Science (Indian Institute of Management, Shillong) ISSN: 0976‐030X Periodicity: (2) URL: About journal: “Journal of Management Science” is a peer‐reviewed Bi‐Annual journal of the Indian Institute of Management, Shillong. Innovation, flourishing and development of new ideas is widely recognized as a major drive of economic growth. The Journal provides a platform for dissemination and publications of academic work on topics having substantial management content, both Indian as well as global. Original research papers, conceptual articles, case studies and book reviews are welcome. Type of serial: peer reviewed journal Note: Title: i‐manager’s Journal on Educational Psychology (JPSY) ISSN: 0973‐8827 Periodicity: Quarterly URL: About journal: i‐manager’s Journal on Educational Psychology delves into the intricacies of the creative mind with a core of useful resources and unfolds the different teaching learning processes and the varied interests of students in a psychological perspective. The Journal facilitates younger generation and educators with scientific and cognitive insights and improves the overall quality of education. The incessant quest in the field of education, the attempts made to understand the theories of learning and the factors required for successful learning outcome provide the best ground for the researchers to explore the teaching and learning process psychologically. Type of serial: Note: Title: i‐manager’s Journal on English Language Teaching (JELT) ISSN: 2231–3338 Periodicity: Quarterly URL: About journal: English Language Teaching is globally vibrant and dynamic today. English as an international language accommodates the unique needs of world communities while competing with and complementing other languages. The context of language teaching paradigm has changed totally, and need to meet the demand of global users. ELT improves language skills, oral communication, memorization of paradigms, patterns, and vocabulary, with translation being used to test the acquired knowledge. i‐manager’s Journal on English Language Teaching aims to bring practitioners, researchers, curriculum designers and professionals in corporate communication and provide a forum where ELT practitioners and experts share new insights and experience in ELT. Type of serial: Note: Title: Journal of Global Communication ISSN: 0974‐0600 Periodicity: (2) URL: About journal: Journal of Global Communication is a refereed journal for the publication of scholarly work in the field of development communication (including extension education), educational communication, journalism, new media issues, communication theory, heritage and communication and intercultural communication among others. Its major objective is to publish scholarly work of media and communication researchers in areas which are under represented in internationally published scholarship and international research organisation. As an interdisciplinary journal, Journal of Global Communication encourages contributions relevant areas from all over the world. Type of serial: Referred journal Note: Title: Siddhant ‐ A Journal of Decision Making ISSN: 2231‐0649 Periodicity: Quarterly URL: About journal: Siddhant a journal of decision making is a quarterly referred research journal published by RCMA, Bhubaneswar, India. It covers topics relating to various dimensions of management and business.The mission of the journal Siddhant is to continue to be one of the top tier research and leading journal on management and business. The journal emphasizes on quality and relevance of articles in the field of management and business. It propagates knowledge to academicians researchers, practicing managers and students all over the world on regular basis. Type of serial: Note: Title: Values Based Management ISSN: 2249‐7900 Periodicity: (2) URL: About journal: The Journal is intended to serve as vehicle to share and disseminate ideas, research and experiences driven by human values and management ethos to become more flexible (adaptive, responsive, and agile) at the level of strategy, structure, systems, people, and culture. The journal aims to evolve broadly as a general management journal with focus on flexibility, human values and management ethos. The papers may cover one or several of ensuing areas: human values and business ethics, management ethos, service ethos, environment ethos, cultural ethos, value based management, ethical management and spiritual management. Papers that deal with search of human values and management ethos enshrined in leading world religions such as Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Jainism and Sikhism, are particularly welcome. Type of serial: Note: