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Note Taking
Grade 10 Lesson 5
Content Standards:
Students will complete school with the academic rigor and preparation essential to choose
from a wide range of substantial post-secondary options, including college (A:B.1; A:B.2).
Indicators (Students will…):
Apply the study skills necessary for academic success (A:B.1.3).
GOAL: Students will understand the importance of note-taking.
Activity Statements:
Students will complete a survey and improve their ability to take notes.
1. Handout 1 – “Note-Taking Survey”
2. Handout 2 – “Taking Notes”
3. Pen/pencil
1. Duplicate and distribute the handout.
2. Have students complete the survey and write down resolutions on the bottom.
3. Use any remaining time to discuss the questions below.
Why do you think that note-taking is so important?
What does it mean to be a good listener?
Do you think it is a good idea to use a tape recorder in class?
What are some tips you can share with your classmates regarding note taking
“how-to’s” that work for you.
5. What resolutions did you make that you think will improve school success?
6. What tips did you learn from the “Taking Notes” handout?
Integrative Closing Statement:
Note-taking is not just a skill that college bound students use. It is a skill that you
will use in any career you choose. Being a good listener can improve your notetaking skills. Always ask a teacher to restate or clarify anything that you are not
sure of. Remember that making a small resolution now and sticking to it can
make you a better note-taker.
Additional Resources:
Education World
Academic Skills Center Dartmouth
Prentice Hall Student Success Super Site
The Cornell Note-Taking System
Teen’s Health Note-taking Tips
Extension Activities:
Ask students to go to the above website also listed on Handout 2 to view website and
learn more study tips.
Have students review articles and links in Succeeding in High School section
Lesson Plan – Successful Study Techniques
Note Taking
Grade 10 Lesson 5 – Handout 1
Note-Taking Survey
Read the items below and place a checkmark by the ones that you think you need to
improve upon or be more consistent with. Remember that you may check as many as
you want.
1.____ I try to listen actively and I fight distractions.
2.____ I have a separate notebook for each subject.
3.____ I ask the teacher to clarify if I do not understand something.
4.____ I leave blank spaces between important points, so I’ll have room to write
5.____ I underline or otherwise identify what I think are the major points.
6.____ I copy down whatever the teacher takes the time to write on the board.
7.____ I sit in the front of the classroom in order to avoid distractions.
8.____ I use abbreviations where possible.
9.____ I write my notes legibly enough to be able to read and understand them later.
10.____ I ask others for their notes if I was absent.
11.____ Others can count on me to take good notes if they are absent.
12.____ I keep my notebooks in a designated place and can locate them easily.
13.____ I do not wait until the last minute to review my notes.
14.____ I have a study buddy to compare notes with.
In the space below write down one or two things that you can do immediately to improve
your note-taking. Be sure to make the effort to be consistent and follow through on
making improvement.
Note Taking
Grade 10 Lesson 5 – Handout 2
Improve Note Taking
Abbreviate (e.g., texting abbreviations)
Eliminate vowels in words
Use word beginnings
Use standard symbols
Read textbooks and supplementary material before class
Improve your listening skills
Listen for main points during lecture
Try concept or mind maps
Use a modified outline, indent supporting details
Put separate points on separate lines
Leave white space to fill in with information from your textbook
Check publisher websites for outlines and notes
Exchange notes with another student in your classes
Seek feedback from professors about your notes
Leave a wide left margin to write retrieval cues
Watch for clues from professors
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