Health and safety statement

Health and safety policy statement
March 2016
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Health and safety policy statement
I believe good health and safety practices make sound business sense. All incidents of
occupational ill health and injury are costly, not only to the individual, but also to the
Commission and should be avoided. The prevention of ill-health and injury to colleagues and
visitors or contractors and the promotion of wellbeing in the workplace is an essential
element of our duty to comply health and safety regulations. We will:
align health and safety with its strategic narrative and manage as part of its core
provide a safe and healthy working environment and actively promote wellbeing in
the workplace
assess and manage risks to prevent injury and occupational ill-health
meaningfully communicate, consult and engage with colleagues and their
representatives to educate and empower them to understand their respective health
and safety responsibilities
provide adequate, effective and appropriate health and safety information, instruction
and training
investigate accidents, incidents and share the lessons learnt to facilitate prevention
support colleagues to remain at or return to work following a period of ill health or
access competent advice and provide adequate resources to support our
management systems
review our health and safety policy, risk assessments and performance annually to
track compliance levels and implement improvement
biennially audit our Health and Safety management system or earlier should the need
I am committed to effective management and believe that by working together we can
maintain a safe and healthy workplace for each other and our visitors.
Sarah Harrison
Chief Executive Officer
March 2016
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