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Frequently Asked Questions
PIN Code
Combines ease of access with
true two-factor authentication
1. What is MeetX PIN Code?
The PIN Code is a modern alternative to traditional forms
of authentication such as a User ID and password or
2. What are its benefits?
A simple numerical code alleviates the frustration of
cumbersome passwords. At the same time the MeetX
PIN code is more secure than an 8-digit password.
3. How is a PIN more secure than a user name and 8-character password?
On MeetX, the PIN is tied to the device through a signed
private key. This produces a true second factor.
4. How does the PIN security compare with that
of certificates?
Certificates and the MeetX PIN code are both 2-factor
architectures. They offer an equivalent level of security.
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5. Is the length of the PIN Code configurable?
The PIN Code is configurable from a minimum of 4 to a
maximum of 8 digits.
6. What devices are supported?
iPhone and iPad
7. How does BoardVantage restrict the use of trivial
number combinations?
The MeetX PIN code will not accept simple numbers
such as repetitive (e.g. 1111) or sequenced (e.g. 1234)
8. Can the PIN Code be configured to expire?