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Case Study:
Cooper Lighting - Innovation you can rely on.
Out of the Box Thinking
“The Transparent Container team quickly
adapted to the changing needs of the project
throughout the development process and
maintained their commitment to an on-time
delivery of a working solution.”
Bill Nicola
Cooper Lighting, LLC
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Thermoformed Tray
.020 ESD PVC
Cooper Lighting is one of North America’s leading
lighting manufacturers. They have two plants in the
United States that were experiencing significant
damage on their LED light boards as product was
shipped from their supplier in Michigan to separate
Cooper facilities in Georgia and Mississippi. The
damage to materials was resulting in as much
as a $1,000 per month. They needed to fix this
costly problem with a package that could eliminate
damage and at the same time, perform the shipping
cycle multiple times before being replaced with new
corrugated packaging.
The design team went to work creating concepts
that addressed various product orientations and
materials gauges that would hold up throughout
shipping. During this development process, Cooper
Lighting changed the scope of the project by
introducing two additional boards with different
size dimensions. Transparent Container’s team
made the adjustment and designed a repeatuse thermoformed package from Electro Static
Dissipative PVC.
tested. Cooper Lighting performed two testing
protocols. The first was a laboratory test that met
ISTA 3A drop and vibration testing and the second
was a practical test that took the package through
the small parcel distribution process. The packaging
passed all testing and was placed into production
The new package has proven to be a noteworthy
money saver as there has been no product loss
since it was introduced.
With their design and materials choice, stringent
requirements had been met and Transparent
Container believed they had engineered a great
multi-use and reusable package. Now it had to be
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