Informatie voor medewerkers

This year, some 500
standholders will attend
the trade fair. There
were so many
applications that we had
to create extra space.
The name of the trade
fair has been changed
to better express its
nature. This is because
of the many seasonal
products at the fair. The
Seasonal Trade Fair is
the ideal kickoff for the
spring season.
All eager and raring to go
"The growers were all very excited to
participate once more. In spite of the
difficult times, the trade fair is full again.
Incredible! It's really become a fixture on
growers' agendas," Esther Brugman
stresses. She makes up the trade fair
team of the auction together with Wilma
van Straalen, Karin van Luijk and others.
She's delighted that all the usual suspects
are there, but also many new faces. "The
lovely weather of the past few weeks has
put spring on everyone's mind. The
standholders are ready," Brugman says.
So let the buyers come. "We'll welcome
them with open arms!"
WEDNESDAY Open 9:00am-5:00pm
Introduction Geo-Well
sustainability concept (in
stand 3.13, Ammerlaan The
Green Innovator)
THURSDAY Open 9:00am-5:00pm
Around The World Travel
promotion by United Colours
Excellence Rose
Presentation 2014 (7.4, Ruud
End of trade day
FloraHolland Seasonal Trade
Fair Café, with presentation
of Best Stand Awards
FRIDAY Open 9:00am-2:00pm
House style makeover
There will be 19 new
products on show. And
according to Annemarie
Looije, some are truly
special. One highlight is
the cut kalanchoe, 'the
newest of the new'.
There's also a
bougainvillea Sunvillea
in a small pot and a
single-head hydrangea.
Many concepts this
year, no less than
seven. The Glazen Tulp
winners are also
presented, at the
orange novelties wall in
isle 23.
For the united lisianthus growers (2.10),
it's their first time in Naaldwijk. "We
decided we had to be here, too!" Corine
van Holst explains, even though it is
mainly a plant trade fair. She shows off the
club's freshened-up house style and new
promotional material. "Our aim is to show
the trade our products and how they can
highlight lisianthus. We can help them do
Playful with tub plants
"Let people be more playful with tub plants."
That's what the atmosphere on Tub Plants
Plaza means to inspire, product specialist
Ron Beurse explains. His message is: "Let's
get people to think differently about tub
plants." There is a wide assortment on view
in the plaza, and various possible
applications. Like big banners for in shops.
"They put people in the mood to buy. It's
simple and cheap." A pilot in the UK was very
successful. There's also a photo presentation
from the Store-check service. It features
photos taken by consumers of tub plants op
shop shelves. The stand crew eagerly relates
the instructive story around it.
Remember? Growers: green badge. Buyers: red. Suppliers: blue. Trade visitors: yellow. Press: purple.
FloraHolland Trade Fair Newsletter 2014 ● Naaldwijk ● Number 1 ● Page 2
Wednesday 19 March
► This morning, the jury of the Best Stand Award will judge the stands and
nominate three companies for the Naaldwijk award.
Starter in heavy anthuriums
Did you know
● there's a trade fair
app you can download?
Check the Appstore or
Google Play.
● the smoking area
has been moved due to
the expansion of the
trade fair? You'll find it
up the stairs to the side
of the coffee bar.
● exit 3.17 is the pickup
and drop-off point for
the shuttle minibus?
● free wifi is available
on the trade fair floor?
Connect via FHEVENT. No password
"I was 34 and I thought: If I'm ever going
to start my own business, now's the time."
Michel van Rijn of Flamingo Plant (5.12) is
a starting grower, and it's his first "real"
taste of the trade fair. But he's no stranger
to the anthurium business. "What I want to
show here most of all, is the added value
of the shelf life of my products." Which are
heavy anthuriums, which he cultivates
slowly, without lights. He also promotes
"incredibly beautiful bowls" of anthuriums.
His expectations of the trade fair?
"Renewing relationships. And maintaining
the order level, with one or two more for
the fall."
Handling its own sales
Although it's not exactly
new, it's a very handy
tool. But not everybody
knows that yet. With the
Plant Scanner app,
buyers don't have to
carry around a notepad
or brochures. Simply
use the app to scan the
QR code on PlantConnect plants. Standholders: stick QR codes
on your plants as a
service to the buyers!
Nursery De Rijke (18.4) used to be part of
a sales organization, but has decided to
take sales into its own hands. "We are
exploring whether fairs work for us,"
salesman Henri Doornekamp explains. His
own stand is still 'a little below par', but
that will change next time. "You have to
show your face, that's getting more and
more important." He will present many
seasonal products that are available now
or will be very shortly. Like arenaria,
osteospermum, dahlia, dipladenia, akalei
and felicitara.
'My son is a go-getter'
"It's our first time here. Very exciting." Theo
Jans is filling in on the build-up day for his
son Joris, who runs the business Jans-Jans
(22.11). Theo himself has retired from the
business. "He started the business, from
absolute scratch," his father proudly says.
"He had two people working for him at the
age of 15." Jans grows open ground roses
and buxus on some 40 hectares. So far,
they've sold mainly to Rhein-Maas, but Joris
is now also focusing on Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk. "He wants more." That's why they've
come to the fair. "To make ourselves known
and find customers." A new own-label series
is just off the press. "It's really striking!" It has
already gained Jans-Jans a few new
customers. Hopefully he'll find more here...
'Fun, informal, relaxed'
Marleen Ammerlaan of Ammerlaan Orchidee
(7.2) is a trade fair regular. "There's a very
relaxed atmosphere. It's very enjoyable to
talk to customers here. And very easy." Her
latest trump card is 'Pink Your World!' Radiant Orchid is the Pantone color of 2014, and
it's what the concept, with a pink tray, takes
its cue from. "We love strong colors." Also in
the stand: Ammerlaan Spring and Autumn,
for the first time in colored trays.
This newsletter is the first edition to be published in a third language: German.