Gustave Roussy at ASCO 2016

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Gustave Roussy at the 52nd Conference of the American Society of Clinical Oncology
Two promising early trials
are being presented
at ASCO 2016
Gustave Roussy early trials are conducted by the Drug
Development Department (DITEP). «Our mission is to
offer access to new agents to patients in whom therapy
has failed,» states Professor Jean-Charles Soria, Head
of the Department. DITEP currently has 15 early trials
in Haematology ongoing.
The promising results of two of these will be presented
on Friday 3rd and Monday 6th June.
The first uses an approach combining a targeted
therapy with known therapies in refractory and/or
relapsed multiple myeloma. The second examines a
new immunotherapeutic agent in T-cell lymphoma.
«Of the main priority areas currently under
development in Haematology, immunotherapy is
clearly one of the two key approaches, the other being
epigenetics,» comments Dr. Vincent Ribrag, DITEP
III Evaluating the
synergistic effects
of a new targeted
therapy administered
in conjunction with
two known therapies
in relapsed multiple
Triple combinations (Bortezomib,
and Dexamethasone) have
increased life expectancy. Despite
continuing substantial increases
in efficacy, 50% of patients will
have progressive disease within
the 2 years following their first
treatment. The duration of
response to second-line drugs is
shorter. This disease, for which life
expectancy is increasing in parallel
with advances in therapy, is tending
to become a chronic condition.
More than 100,000 individuals
are now living with myeloma in
the United States. New drugs
such as plitidepsin, acting on new
molecular pathways, are being
offered in early trials for patients
who have refractory disease or are
in relapse.
To find out more :
read the abstract
Phase I study of plitidepsin in
combination with bortezomib and
dexamethasone in patients with
relapsed and/or refractory multiple
Enrique M. Ocio, María-Victoria
Mateos, Felipe Prosper, Jesus
Martin, Albert Oriol Rocafiguera,
Isidro Jarque, Rebeca Iglesias,
Cristina Motlloo, Maria Sole, Paula
Rodriguez-Otero, Sara Martinez,
Eva Fernandez-Garcia, Jean-Marie
Michot, Arturo Soto-Matos, Jose
Rodriguez Diaz -Pavon, Vincent
Ribrag, Jesus San Miguel
Gustave Roussy at the 52nd Conference of the American Society of Clinical Oncology
In a phase I clinical trial conducted
by DITEP, the activity and safety
profile of plitidepsin combined with
bortezomib and dexamethasone
(two drugs which are currently
indicated in treatment of multiple
myeloma), were studied in patients
with relapsed and/or refractory
myeloma. Plitidepsin represents
a new therapeutic class, targeting
the eEF1A2 protein which is overexpressed in myeloma.
Previous pre-clinical and phase
1 / 2 clinical trials of plitidepsin
combined with known therapies
(bortezomib/lenalidomide and
dexamethasone) had shown
promising results. This trial’s
objective was to determine the
recommended dose in use, the
pharmacokinetics and the safety
profile of the combination therapy.
Drs. Vincent Ribrag and
Jean-Marie Michot, DITEP
Haematologists, are co-authors of
a presentation of the early results
of the trial, APL-A-012-13, in 20
patients. The objective response
rate is 56%, including 2 complete
responses (11%) and 4 very good
partial responses (22%). This trial
established a recommended dose
in use of 5 mg/m2 for plitidepsin
administered every 4 weeks in
combination with dexamethasone
40 mg and bortezomib 1.3 mg/m2
on a day 1, 4, 8 and 11 schedule.
III Study of a new
antibody directed
against CD70
T-cell lymphoma is a very
specific entity amongst the
non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas
(NHL). Epidemiologically, its
distribution is uneven: whereas
it comprises 10% of NHL in
the “West” (United States and
Europe), it constitutes 25% in the
“East” (Asia). Unfortunately, its
prognosis is much worse than
that of B-cell lymphomas. Novel
chemotherapies for it are very
much hoped for.
In another phase I study,
Dr. Vincent Ribrag is presenting
efficacy and safety data on ARGX110. This antibody targets CD70,
an antigen expressed on the
cell surface in some malignant
disorders (T-cell lymphomas in
It has been tested in 9 patients
with CD70-positive T-cell
lymphoma and has displayed
safety in use and anti-tumour
biological activity manifest
as a reduction in biomarkers
(circulating tumour clone).
These data are in favour of clinical
development of ARGX-110 in
T-cell lymphoma.
To find out more :
read the abstract
Clinical response observed in a
phase I study in T cell lymphoma
patients treated with anti-CD70
SIMPLE Antibody™ ARGX-110.
Jean-Marie Michot, Marie Maerevoet,
Philippe Georges Aftimos, Sylvie
Rottey, Christian Diego Rolfo, Fritz
Offner, Luc Van Rompaey, Mahan
Moshir, Hans de Haard, Karen Silence,
Patrick Pauwels, Karen Zwaenepoel,
Ahmad Awada, Dominique Bron,
Vincent Ribrag
Gustave Roussy at the 52nd Conference of the American Society of Clinical Oncology
At this 52nd annual meeting of the world’s most important
oncology conference, Gustave Roussy will confirm its
leading role in the development of three therapeutic
strategies that are changing practice and transforming
patient treatment. Immunotherapy, which is extending
its application to new conditions, and precision medicine
are becoming routine therapeutic options. This 2016
meeting will also be noteworthy for throwing light on
the optimisation of existing treatments, as reflected
by the presentation in plenary session of childhood
neuroblastoma treatment, for which Dr Dominique
Valteau-Couannet, Head of the Gustave Roussy
Paediatric Department, will be a discussant.
This year, Gustave Roussy medical researchers will
be revealing their work in a total of 75 presentations.
The ASCO Scientific Committee has selected 21 oral
communications, 6 of which will be delivered by doctors
from the Institute; 11 poster-discussions, 6 of which are
to be presented by Gustave Roussy researchers; and 42
posters and 1 educational session authored by doctor
researchers from the Institute. Gustave Roussy is the
sponsor of four clinical trials, the results of which will be
communicated during the conference.
3 – 7 June 2016
52nd Conference of the
American Society of Clinical
Oncology (ASCO, Chicago, USA,
3 – 7 June 2016)
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