Tiger Room needs: Clear Packing Tape


May 2016

It’s hard to believe that we are already finishing up the school year! It has been a whirlwind year with a lot of exciting progress! Thank you to all the parents and family members who came to the parent teacher conferences. It was wonderful to be able to have time to sit down and talk about all the exciting changes your child has made! In the month of May we are hoping to spend more time outdoors and we will be focusing on bugs and butterflies. Please make a note that the last day for students is May 19 th . The summer session for CDC begins on June 20 th . If you have questions about the summer session please visit with the classroom staff before the 19 th ! As we have so many kiddos working on toileting skills, we are asking for used pants/shorts sizes 4T and up. Accidents are bound to occur and we are running out of extra clothes to have in the classroom for those times! If your family has clothing you are no longer using, we would love to have them for the classroom! Thank you for sharing your wonderful child with us!

Tiger Room needs

: Clear Packing Tape

spring weather! Last day of school: May 19th First Day of Summer Session: June 20