Program of 4-rd International Conference on Theoretical Physics

Program of 4-rd International Conference on
Theoretical Physics
9.30 Opening Ceremony
Section Classical and Quantum Field Theory
3 of July 2015
Chair Mayeul Arminjon
10.00 Igor Volovich (Steklov’s Mathematical Institute, Russia) TBA
10.30 Yu.P. Rybakov (PFU, Russia) Gustav Mie field theory of matter and
nonlinear spinor models
11.00 I.E. Bulyzhenkov (MIPT, Russia) TBA Complex densities for sources of
gravity and electricity
11.30 Coffee break
Chair Igor Volovich
11.40 Michael Ibison (Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, USA) The Dirac
Equation from Fokker Dynamics
12.10 Mayeul Arminjon (Grenoble-Alpes University, France) Some remarks on the
definition of energy and its conservation laws
12.40 I. Kanatchikov (School of Physics and Astronomy, University of St
Andrews, Scotland, UK) Ehrenfest Theorem in Precanonical Quantization of
Fields and Gravity
13.10 Lunch
Chair Michael Ibison
14.00 Nuri UNAL (Akdeniz University, Turkey) Coupled two oscillators and
Schredinger, Barut-Girardelo and Perelomov coherent states
14.30 Alexander Burinskii (Theor. Phys. Lab. NSI RAS) Gravitating Bag Model:
Combining the naked and dressed electron in an integrated bag-string-quark
15.00 V.V. Kassandrov (PFU, Russia)The Algebro-Dynamical Program:
Quaternions, Twistors and Caustics-Particles
15.20 Ildus Sh. Khasanov, V.V. Kassandrov (PFU, Russia) Collective Lorentz
invariant dynamics on a single “polynomial” worldline: conservation, quantization,
formation of clusters
15.50 O. Tretiakov (Tohoku University, Japan) Antiferromagnetic skyrmions
16.10 Coffee break
Chair Yuri Rybakov
16.20 Alexander A. Chernitskii (Friedmann Laboratory for Theoretical Physics, St.
Peterbusg, Russia) Lightlike Solitons of Extremal Space-Time Hypersurface
16.40 Yuri G. Rudoy, E. O. Oladimeji (PFU, Russia) Pressure operator for the
Poeschl – Teller quantum oscillator
17.00 R. A. El-Nabulsi (Neijiang Normal University, China) Some Quantum
Aspects of Non-Standard Lagrangians
17.20 Vladimir Ignatovich (JINR, Dubna, Russia) One dimensional Bells
17.40 Bijan Saha (LIT, JINR) Spinor field is Bianchi cosmologies
18.10 Timur Kamalov (MIPT, Russia) Generalization of Action Functions for
common Classical-Quantum Physics
18.30 Furshet
Section Quantum Theory, Quantum Entanglement,
Quantum Computers
4 of July 2015
Chair Igor Bulyzhenkov
10.00 Alaxander Holevo (Steklov’s Mathematical Institute, Russia) TBA
10.30 A.A. Shishmarev, S.P. Gavrilov, D.M. Guitman (University of Sao Paulo,
Brazil) Statistical properties of states in QED with unstable vacuum
11.00 Yu.I. Bogdanov, A.Yu. Chernyavskiy, B.I. Bantysh, D.V.Fastovets (FTIAN,
Russia) The impact of decoherence on the quality and entanglement of quantum
gates and algorithms
11.30 Coffee break
Chair Alaxander Holevo
11.40 Yuri Ozhigov (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia) Computer
simulation of quantum effects in multi-qubit optical systems
12.10 Sergey Filippov (MIPT, Russia) Collision models of Markovian and nonMarkovian quantum evolutions
12.40 D. Gurevich (Valenciennes University, France) New approach in
Noncommutative Geometry and quantization of dynamical models
13.10 Lunch
Chair Yuri Ozhigov
14.00 E. Moreva, G. Brida, M. Gramegna, S. Bose, D. Home, M. Genovese
(Instituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica, Italy) Experimental demonstration of
entanglement duality through Bell measureshmaments
14.30 E. Mishchenko (University of Utah, USA) Interaction of resonant impurities
in graphene
15.00 T.M. Makhviladze, M.E.Sarychev (Institute of Physics and Technology of
RAS, Russia) Modes of an open resonator with periodic boundaries as field
dissipative structure, promising to form a qubit quantum computer network
15.20 A.Yu. Chernyavskiy , Yu.I. Bogdanov, B.I. Bantysh, D.V.Fastovets
(FTIAN, Russia) The impact of decoherence on the quality and entanglement of
quantum gates and algorithms
15.50 M.A.Yurischev (Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics RAS, Russia)
Quantum discord for general X states: a piecewise-analytical-numerical formula
and equations for the boundaries between subdomains
16.10 Coffee break
Chair Igor Kanatchikov
16.20 M.E. Sarychev (Institute of Physics and Technology of RAS, Russia)
Equilibrium self-organizing systems with off-diagonal long-range order as a basis
for the formation of a qubit network for quantum computer: super radiant phase
transition and other examples
16.40 A. Lipkin (MIPT, Russia) Foundation of Quantum Mechanics – Theoretical
Physics Interpretation
17.00 Victor G. Yarzhemsky (MIPT and Kurnakov Instutute of General and
Inorganic Chemistry , FANO, RAS) Space-group approach to the order parameter
in chiral superconductor Sr2RuO4
17.20 A. Silenko (Belarus) Applicability of iterative methods of the FoldyWouthuysen transformation
17.40 Gustavo Lopez Velazquez (Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico) Quantum
Computer Based on Diampond C12-C13
18.10 V. Andreev, S.D. Zotov (Lebedev Physical Institute, Russia) Scale
transformation and stretched states in quantum mechanics
18.30 Yu. I. Bogdanov, L.V. Belinsky (FTIAN, Russia) Calculation of novel
frames for quantum information theory as numerical solutions to packing problems
Section of the Gravitation, Cosmology and Astrophysics
(5 of July 2015)
–°hair Olga Baburova
10.00 P. Rauland, L.U., UK TBA
10.30 O.J. Stoica (National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering - Horia
Hulubei, Romania) Advances in understanding spacetime singularities and their
implications to quantum gravity – a review
11.00 Saulius Mickevicius (Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania)
Binary claster model applications for six-body systems
11.30 Coffee break
Chair Boris Frolov
11.40 O.V. Babourova, V.V. Zaigrova (Moscow SPU, Russia) Spin-dilaton dark
matter in Cartan−Weyl space
12.10 A. Krugly (SRISA RAS, Russia) The principle of nonpertrubative
measurement in causal set dynamics
12.40 Valerii S. Dryuma (Institute of mathematics and computer science,
Moldova) Riemann extensions and their applications in General Relativity
13.10 V.G. Krechet, D.V. Sadovnikov (Yaroslavl SPU, Russia) Spinor field
symmetry and completeness of electrodynamics equations
13.40 Lunch
Chair Alex Krugly
14.40 B.N. Frolov, E.V. Romanova (Moscow SPU, Russia) Spherically symmetric
solution of the theory of gravitation with Dirac scalar field in Cartan−Weyl space
15.00 D.V. Sadovnikov, V.G. Krechet, (Yaroslavl SPU, Russia) Astrophysical
effects for self gravitating ultra nonlinear scalar fields
15.20 V.M. Charugin (Moscow SPU, Russia) The formation of a universal
spectrum of relativistic electrons in Active Galaxies and quasars.
15.40 O.V. Sandakova (Perm SU, Russia) Cosmology with rotation
16.00 Y.A. Portnov (Moscow SARCU-MADI) The influence of light with orbital
angular momentum on the evolution of the Universe.
Coffee break
Chair Vladimir Krechet
16.20 P.E. Kudlaev, B.N. Frolov (Moscow SPU, Russia) Dark matter as a scalar
field: cosmological evidence
16.40 V.V. Karbanovski, Markov V.N., Melehina O.V. (Murmansk SHU, Russia),
K.E. Beloushko, T.V. Kairov (Murmansk STU, Russia) Expansion of General
17.00 K.E. Beloushko, T.V. Kairov (Murmansk STU, Russia), V.V. Karbanovski,
Markov V.N., Melehina O.V. (Murmansk SHU, Russia) Contradiction of the
Birkhoff’s theorem
Section of the Photonics, Optic, Spectroscopy and Condensed Matter
(5 of July 2015)
Chair Andrey Naumov
10.00 N.P. Kovaletc, S.A. Bedin, V.N. Gumirova, P.Ju. Apel, I.V. Razumovskaya
(Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, Dubna, Moscow SPU, Russia)
Mechanical properties of the polymer/metal composites fabricated by template
synthesis on the base of track membranes
10.30 V.N. Gumirova, I.V. Razumovskaya. (Moscow SPU, Russia) Mechanical
properties and structure of track etched membranes
11.00 Nguyen Thi Hang (Moscow SPU, Russia) Synthesis of hybrid structures
«opal-Ge2Sb2Te5» and the study of their optical properties
11.30 Coffee break
Chair Irina Razumovskaya
11.40 T.A. Anikushina, M.G. Gladush, A.A. Gorshelev, A.V. Naumov (Institute
for Spectroscopy of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow SPU, Russia)
Refractive index fructuations in solids: nanoprobing by means single-molecule
12.10 K.A. Magaryan, M.A. Mikhailov, K. R. Karimullin, M.V. Knyazev, I.Y.
Eremchev, A.V. Naumov, I.A. Vasilieva (Institute for Spectroscopy of Russian
Academy of Sciences, Moscow SPU, Russia) Luminescence properties of the
liquid crystal nanocomposities with CdSe quantum Dots
12.40 Kairov T.V., Beloushko K.E. (Murmansk STU, Russia), Karbanovski V.V.,
Markov V.N., Melehina O.V. (Murmansk SHU, Russia) A possible interpretation
of the anti-Compton effect
13.10 I.V. Shunyaev, A.A. Elistratov, Yu.E. Lozovik. (Moscow SPU, Russia)
Cnoidal waves and the critical velocity of Bose-condensate in a narrow channel
13.40 Lunch
Excursion around Moscow (6 of July 2015)
(minimum number of participants required)
10.00 – 13.00