Links to informative and fun websites

Links to informative and fun websites
For Students
Discover Plants K-2
University of Illinois The Great Plant Escape:
For Educators/Parents
I Love That Teaching Idea “My Adopt a Tree” Booklet:
Michigan Reach Out! Have You Ever Met a Tree?
For Students
Fantastic Fall 3-6
Sambal’s Science Web Photosynthesis:
Plants and Our Environment
Spreading Seeds:
Spring Sprouts 3-6
Plants and our Environment
"Who Wants to be an IPM Super Sleuth?" Project:
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For Educators/Parents
For Students
Athena Wetlands:
Twin Groves Beaver Games
Ducks Unlimited Program For Young Conservationists:
US Environmental Protection Agency Wetlands:
Adopt a Stream Foundation’s Stream Links:
Dialogue for Kids Wetlands Links:
Homewaters Project:
Newton’s Apple Teacher’s Guides Index
Lubey’s Bio Help Photosynthesis (the big picture):
Pick the Pollinator
Wetland Ecology Walk K-8
For Educators/Parents
For Educators/Parents
For Students
Discovery Education Lesson Plans Library Pollination
Parties (K-5)
rams/tlc-butterflies/ , also see All About Plants (3-5)
Native Plants and People 3-8
For Students
People and Plants:
My Dad the Ethnobotanist:
For Educators/Parents
History, photos and stories of Duwamish:
Maps and info on Coast Salish:
Suquamish Tribe:
American Memory Library of Congress American
Indians of the Pacific Northwest:
Washington Park Arboretum 2006
Links to informative and fun websites cont.
Other Links
General Botany
For Students
Illinois Department of Natural Resources Kids Trees
Student’s Guide:
ml (K-4)
PBS Nature for Students:
Mrs. Mitchell’s Virtual School Plants for Kids:
For Students
Born Free - an international organization promoting
wildlife conservation and protection
Reading, science and games at Houghton Mifflin’s Kid’s
For Educators/Parents
Activities and resources for parents, care givers and
For Educators/Adults
UW Botanic Gardens Elisabeth C. Miller Library:
Education World, The Educator’s Best Friend Lesson
Plan: How Does Your Tree Measure Up?
UW Botanic Gardens Otis Douglas Hyde Herbarium:
Union Bay Natural Area:
Urban Programs Resource Network:
UW Botanic Gardens Center for Urban Horticulture:
Illinois Department of Natural Resources Kids Trees
Teacher’s Guide:
UW Botanic Garden Rare Care:
Burke Museum:
PBS Nature for Teachers:
Museum of History and Industry:
Teacher’s Domain:
Woodland Park Zoo:
Sharing Nature Foundation: Seattle Aquarium:
A to Z Home’s Cool Homeschooling:
Pacific Science Center:
Wolf Haven International:
Scott Foreman Science: (K-6
Seattle Parks and Recreation:
lessons on all science subjects)
Washington Park Arboretum 2006