Production of electronic components Series of all sizes


Your partner in electronic production

Production of electronic components

Series of all sizes

Our Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) cover everything you would expect from professional electronic production – from printed circuit board population, through testing of components, coating, sealing and assembly of electronic devices, to logistics.

Electronic production that meets the highest


Our work focuses on this principle. A consistently high production quality requires absolute pro cesses control, which in turn is the result of numerous

optimisations, modern machinery and, in particular, capable and motivated employees, who participate in ongoing training programmes to ensure that they always have the most up-to-date knowledge.

All this happens in accordance with the demanding principles of cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing

Practices), i.e. both the machines and the pro cesses have been qualified and validated according to

these specifications.

reducing the down times. Cameras in automated

optical inspection systems (AOI) monitor the solder paste printing, as well as the assembly and soldering process, thus ensuring efficient process control and tight control circuits.

High degree of product safety and traceability

The test concepts are customised and the individual tests are coordinated. This results in a high degree of product safety at optimal cost. Through different measures – from incoming goods to assembly –

traceability can be warranted for every single component. This is a crucial requirement in the field of medical engineering.

Efficient production processes

Our high-performance assembly lines are convincing due to their great flexibility in terms of setup and production and are able to equip even the smallest component sizes (e.g. 01005) in the most reliable manner.

For instance, outstanding SW tools facilitate re tooling

Electronic production

Processes and standards that meet the highest demands

Coordinated processes

All production processes – from SMD assembly to the final assembly of complete electronic devices

– are carried out on the same floor in an optimal

spatial layout.

+ setup of the electronic components

+ SMD assembly




THT assembly spraying and sealing

assembly of components and complete

electronic devices (box building)

+ testing with respect to production quality and function

+ packaging and shipping

Iftest – a capable production partner

Production takes place in a low dust environment with state-of-the-art, high-performance assembly lines.

Our lines have an annual assembly capacity of more than 150 million components.

A separate assembly line is available for the

production of prototypes. Iftest AG is the right partner for your needs, from prototype to high-volume production.

Compliance with the highest standards

Production is in compliance with the inter national quality standard “IPC-A-610, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies”.

Iftest’s Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

cover everything you would expect from pro fessional electronic manufacture – from printed circuit board population, through testing of components, coating and sealing, assembly of electronic devices and

logistics, to documentation.

Upon request, we conduct comprehensive tracing

during the manufacture; this means that components, production documents, process parameters and test results can be traced without gaps.

SMD assembly

+ state-of-the-art, fully automated assembly


+ component sizes ranging from 01005 to

+ 7 zone reflow oven


75 x 75 mm gas-shielded soldering

THT assembly

+ wave soldering, lead-free or leaded




selective soldering using special masks press fitting connectors (up to 40 kN) gas-shielded soldering

Long-term protection for electronics

+ cleaning

+ coating

+ sealing


+ flexible assembly of pilot-series and very low to high volumes

+ large-scale projects in specific manufacturing cells (box build)


+ AOI (automated optical inspection)

+ ICT (in-circuit test using bed of nails tester)

+ Flying probe test

+ boundary scan test

+ automated functional test




safety test (insulation test, ground wire test)

Burn-in test

archiving and administration of the test results

Internal specialist departments constitute the basis for smooth series production and testing. Well- trained staff draw on their expertise to support the entire

production process.

Test engineering

+ test consultation and test engineering

+ test concepts dependent on the required level of testing

+ test specifications

+ test adapter construction

+ test programmes

Manufacturing engineering

+ production concepts

+ production engineering

+ process verification and validation

Component procurement

+ international buying



+ supply chain management obsolescence management supplier qualification

After sales services

+ repair service

+ analysis, detection of systematic errors,

evaluation, action

+ product lifecycle management


Where we promise quality, quality is met

Iftest certifications

ISO 9001 Quality management

ISO 13485 Quality management system for

medical devices

EKAS 6508 Occupational health and safety

UL ZPVI2 Printed Wiring Assemblies –

Components E348980: Z111

ISO 14001 Environmental management

Production standard

IPC-A-610 Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies


Forum Medtech Pharma – interdisciplinary network for cross-industry partnerships in the fields of research, development and services in medical engineering

Medical Cluster – network of manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and research institutes along the medical engineering value chain across Switzerland

Swiss technology Network –

umbrella organization of the industries in the

Swiss technology sector

ZVEI – German Electrical and Electronic

Manufacturers‘ Association

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