Water Util Maint Apprentice

This is semi-skilled field work requiring the application of acquired skills and knowledge in the installation,
field maintenance and repair of potable and reclaimed water distribution facilities.
Work of this class is characterized by participation and successful completion of the Apprenticeship Training
Program designed to improve the employee's knowledge of water distribution systems maintenance and
construction procedures, skill in the use of waterworks equipment and knowledge of departmental functions,
policies and procedures. The training program is divided into related segments of responsibility. Upon
satisfactory completion of each segment of the program, the employee is transferred to another activity for
further training and development, until all segments of the training program have been successfully
completed and the employee becomes certified at the journeyman pipe layer level. Work involves the
maintenance and repair of fire hydrants, installation of water meters at new water service connections,
removal and replacement of water meters in need of repair, repair and adjustment of water meters not
requiring removal and the installation and repair of water mains. Assignments become progressively more
difficult and less routine and requiring less supervision, as work proficiency improves through continued
training and experience. Employees in this position are expected to be able to perform any and all work tasks
and comply with any work schedules or attendance or duty requirements which may be established by City
rules or applicable union contracts. Work is usually performed under general supervision and is reviewed by
observation while in progress and upon completion.
Acquires the ability to operate various types of construction and waterworks equipment and tools utilized in
the installation and maintenance of potable water and reclaimed water distribution facilities.
Acquires the ability to read plans, blueprints, schematics and symbols, use hand tools, complete rough field
drawings and increase knowledge of departmental policies and procedures.
Assists in the installation, maintenance and field repair of water meters of various sizes, valves, irrigation
systems, timers, pipes and other components of the water and reclaimed water distribution system.
Turns water service on and off and notifies customers when service has been turned off to avoid wasteful
leakage and hazards due to water leaks.
Maintains accurate records and prepares routine reports as required.
Checks water meters for records data and connections for leakage; tests meters and learns meter setting
Learns to join pipes with flanges and lead joints; learns application
of ball, gate and check valves and installation of backflow preventers.
Maintains fire hydrants, removes and replaces hydrant gear boxes, repairs hydrant foot valves and becomes
knowledgeable in hydrant repair procedures and parts terminology; raises or lowers valve boxes and installs
In the absence of a supervisor, may temporarily provide lead supervision and instruction to other personnel,
while on a specific job, in the safe and efficient use of tools and equipment and proper operational
procedures and safety preparation to be followed.
Performs related work as assigned.
Some knowledge of the layout of the City and of departmental policies and functions relating to the area of
Some knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety precautions required of the work.
Skill in the use of specialized water distribution equipment, various hand and power tools, including
necessary plumbing tools, related to the work.
Ability to maintain work records, perform minor arithmetic calculations quickly and accurately and prepare
routine written reports of work activities.
Ability to work under potentially hazardous conditions when required.
Ability to acquire a knowledge of the operational details, departmental practices and procedures and other
characteristics of the specific assignment.
Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees and the public as
necessitated by the work.
High school graduate or GED equivalency.
Some experience in the waterworks, maintenance or construction fields.
Possession and maintenance of a valid State of Florida Commercial Drivers License, specific class and
endorsements to be determined by department.
Date Revised: 8/2010, 3/96
Date Issued: 8/87
City of St. Petersburg