ECE 272: Term Schedule for Lab Assignments

ECE 272: Term Schedule for Lab Assignments
Instructor: Matthew Shuman
Documents Due
Section 1 Study Questions Section 3 Pre-lab
Section 2 Study Questions
Section 4 Pre-lab
Section 3 Study Questions
Section 4 - Sequential Logic:
4 Digit 7 Segment Display
Section Title
Section 0 - Install Toolchain and Lab Etiquette
Section 1 - Combinational Logic: Basics
Section 2 - Combinational Logic: Adders
Section 3 - Combinational Logic:
7 Segment Display
Section 5 Pre-lab
Section 4 Study Questions
Section 6 Pre-lab
Section 5 Study Questions
Section 6 Study Questions
Section 5 - Sequential Logic: Voltmeter
Section 6 - Final Design Project
1. Pre-lab — Each Pre-lab is worth 10 points, regardless of how many weeks are allocated to that section. Pre-labs
need to be typed, but diagrams can be done by hand. The prelab must be submitted to Canvas the week before
a lab is started. This will give one week for peer reviews, before the lab begins. Only one late pre-lab or study
question will be accepted during the term.
2. Lab Credit — Each lab is worth 10points
week . i.e. (Section 1 is worth 10 points but section 5 is worth 20 points).
Credit is assessed for lab credit during the week when work begins on the new section. There is partial credit
for this section, but no late work is accepted.
3. Study Questions — Each numbered item in the study questions is 2 points. Full credit is given for a correct
answer, half credit is given for an incorrect or incomplete answer, and no credit is given for a unacceptable
answers. Study questions are to be typed and turned into TEACH by the due date. Only one late pre-lab or
study question will be accepted during the term.
4. Challenges — Challenges are extra credit projects at the end of each section, worth a maximum of 5 points
for each section. Challenges are given partial credit based off of how much effort is put into verifying a robust
solution for the project. For example, a solution with no part numbers, resistors tolerances, or simulation results
might be correct, but only a 25 score would be given. Challenges must be turned in with the study questions.