In today`s society, it is becoming increasingly important to become

In today’s society, it is becoming increasingly important to become computer literate
and to start using computer technology from an early age is a big head start. There are
very few computer interfaces specifically designed to introduce children to the use of
computers, we believe that a steady integration through grade levels is the best way to
ensure our students use age appropriate interfaces without limiting them to a single
operating system.
Futuraskolan International offers a range of devices and operating systems for the
students to use and interact with to help further their educational experience. These
● Apple
○ 78 iPads
○ 35 Macbooks
● Google
○ 70 ChromeBooks
○ 25 Android Tablets
● Windows
○ 25 Laptop PCs
○ 20 Classmate PCs (touch screen)
● Linux
○ 60 Laptop PCs running a variety of Linux operating system
○ 2 Unix servers
We offer a diverse range of operating systems and devices for our students to learn and
use. should can be used as a helpful tool to enhance the learning goals, expectations and
outcomes within the classroom setting.
Middle School ICT
The ICT (information Communication Technology) programme focuses on teaching
students the ethical (safety, responsibility and respectfulness) and practical use of ICTs.
The purpose of ICT is to involve students in the learning of ICT and to show them how
to make the most of available digital technologies. Kids have access to a massive amount
of unrestricted content and technology, which is pretty scary when you think about it.
Therefore, it is very important to teach them how to use this technology safely,
responsibly and respectfully.
Although a huge emphasis must be placed on the ethical use of ICTs, an equal emphasis
must also be placed on teaching students about the technology available and how to use
it. Even though students today have the ability to pick up an electronic device or
software application and learn to use it quicker than we can, they still require guidance
on its use. ICTs are constantly changing, which means that there is a large emphasis on
the need to ensure that students feel comfortable adapting themselves to a constantly
evolving technological landscape. But most importantly, they must learn how to limit
the risks of using these technologies and better protect themselves and others in your
digital environment.
Our ICT program is designed to teach your children how to use technology ethically and
practically. Each ICT unit of study will have 3 to 4 objectives that we will be focussing
on. Students will be using two main applications throughout these unit, Visual Studio
2013 Express and Scratch. Visual studio will be use for the website and later, simple web
app development. On the other hand, Scratch will be used to teach the basics of
programming as whole and will allow students to think like a programmers.
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