20140917 EPPSRWG Item 03 GMD Update

GMD Update
• FERC Order 779
• EOP-010-1 Implementation Date
• Review of EOP-010-1 Requirements
• GMD Planning Standard TPL-007 in Development
• TPL-007 Current Requirements
• TPL-007 Expected Approval
• Next Steps
FERC Order 779
• FERC Order 779 released in May 2013 directed NERC to develop
GMD Standards in two stages to mitigate impacts of GMD events.
– Stage 1 – Standard to address the impacts of GMDs on BES.
• EOP-010-1
– Stage 2 – Standard that requires BES operators/owners to conduct
initial and on-going assessments of potential benchmark GMD events.
• TPL-007-1
• EOP-010-1
Received NERC approval in November 2013.
FERC NOPR issued in January 2014.
FERC approved EOP-010-1 in June 2014.
Standard becomes effective on April 1, 2015.
• TPL-007-1
– Currently out for second round review.
Implementation of EOP-010-1
• FERC approval of EOP-010-1 occurred on June 19th, 2014.
– Order 797 approving standard states rule becomes effect 60 days after
• EOP-010-1 states the standard will be effective:
– “The first day of the first calendar quarter that is six months after the
date that this standard is approved by an applicable governmental
• Therefore, EOP-010-1 becomes effective on April 1st, 2015.
• One caveat to the effective date of EOP-010-1 is the effective date
of R2. EOP-010-1 R2 replaces IRO-005-3.1a, R3.
– IRO-005-3.1a R3 is pending approval for retirement.
– EOP-010-1 R2 will not become effective until the day after the
retirement of IRO-005-3.1a R3.
EOP-010-1 Requirement Summaries
• R1: Each Reliability Coordinator must develop a GMD Operating
Plan that:
– Coordinates GMD Operating Procedures in its RC Area.
– Includes activities to mitigate GMD events.
– Includes a process to review GMD Operating Procedures of
Transmission Operators in RC Area.
• R2: Each RC must share forecasted and current space weather
information as stated in RC’s GMD Operating Plan.
• R3: Each TOP must develop a GMD Operating Procedure to
mitigate GMD events that includes:
– Steps to receive space weather information.
– System Operator response actions to preset conditions.
– Conditions for terminating the Operating Procedure.
MISO GMD Plan Development
• Intended to prepare MISO for GMD events.
• Gathered ideas for this plan from multiple sources.
• Utilized steps and procedures from:
MISO RTO-OP-053-r8.1 Geo-Magnetic Disturbance Procedure
MISO RTO-OP-018-r9.1 Conservative System Operations Procedure
NERC GMD Task Force GMD Operating Procedure Template
Discussion with other RTO/ISOs
• GMD Plan will detail MISO actions:
– Relay details received from NOAA
– Enter Conservative Operations
– Follow mitigation steps
TOP GMD Operating Procedure
• Any TOP subject to EOP-010-1 (TOP area includes a power
transformer with a high side wye-grounded winding with terminal
voltage greater than 200 kV) needs to have a GMD Operating
• All TOP Operating Procedures must be coordinated by their RC.
• In order for MISO to review TOP Operating Procedures and be
ready for standard implementation on 4/1/15.
• In order for MISO to review and approve all TOP GMD Operating
Procedures, they must be submitted to MISO by March 1, 2015.
• A TOP GMD Operating Procedure Template is available here:
Future Planning Standard: TPL-007
• Requires a Geomagnetic Disturbance (GMD) Vulnerability
Assessment of the system to determine its ability to withstand a
Benchmark GMD Event without causing voltage collapse.
– Assessment performed once every five years.
– Applicability: Planning Coordinators (PC), Transmission Planners (TP)
• Requires a Transformer thermal impact assessment to ensure highside, wye grounded Bulk Electric System (BES) transformers
connected at 200kV or higher will not overheat based on the
benchmark event.
– Applies to transformers where maximum GIC ≥ 15 A per phase.
– Performed once every five years with GMD Vulnerability Assessment.
– Applicability: Generator Owners (GO), Transmission Owners (TO)
Benchmark GMD Event Description
• The Benchmark GMD Event is described by:
– Reference geo-electric field amplitude (8V/km)
• 1-in-100 year amplitude determined statistically from geomagnetic
field measurements for a reference earth model.
• Used for GIC studies and load-flow simulations that account for
transformer Reactive Power absorption caused by half-cycle
– Reference geomagnetic field wave shape
• March 13-14, 1989 GMD event selected from recorded GMD events.
• Used for time-domain analysis on equipment such as transformer
thermal impact assessment and/or determine local geo-electric field
if alternative earth model is available.
• Scaling factors for geomagnetic latitude and earth conductivity
can be used to adjust geo-electric field amplitude.
TPL-007: Assessment Process (Simplified)
TPL-007 Implementation Plan
TPL-007 Comments After First Round
• General support for the 8 V/km benchmark and scaling factors.
– Minority opinions argue that the benchmark is either too high or too low.
• Transformer thermal models are needed for impact assessment.
– Proposed standard gives owners latitude to select appropriate approach.
• Manufacturer information
• General models (in development)
• Other technically-justified means
– General models are in scope of GMD Task Force project.
– Implementation Plan is extended (48 months for thermal assessment).
• Consider expanding the 15 A screening criterion
– Draft standard provides floor of 15 A per phase effective GIC.
– Data is not currently available to establish an additional screening value for 3phase 3 limb units.
• Clarify corrective action responsibility so TPL-007 is consistent with
approved TPL-001-4. Planners have the lead role in considering the
range of options to achieve performance.
– Planning Coordinator and Reliability Coordinator have wide area perspective.
– Planning processes account for implementation and cost considerations.
TPL-007 Expected Approval
• Project 2013-03 GMD (TPL-007-1) Initial Ballot
Comment and Ballot period ended 7/30/14
Total Ballot Pool: 375
Quorum: 82.67%
Approval vote: 55.77%
• Second Comment Period on RSAW:
– 8/27 – 10/10/14
• Second Ballot Period:
– 10/1 – 10/10/14
• Standard Drafting Team meeting on 10/22-10/23 to finalize TPL-007.
• Expect to send TPL-007 standard to NERC Board for approval
during their November meeting.
• Expect NERC board approval in November which will allow standard
to be submitted to FERC in January 2015 to meet the initial FERC
requirements in Order 779.
Next Steps
• MISO to provide a draft version of its GMD Operating Plan
• MISO to work with the Emergency Preparedness Power System
Restoration Working Group (EP/PSRWG) to develop a process to
review GMD Operating Procedures of Transmission Operators in its
RC Area.
– Process required per R1 of EOP-010-1.
– MISO proposes using a similar process established for reviewing
System Restoration Plans per EOP-006.
– Review process needs established by end of 2014.
• TOPs begin developing their own GMD Operating Procedures per
R3 of EOP-010-1.
– GMD Operating Procedures need to be submitted to MISO by March 1,
2015 for MISO to review per new review process.
– MISO needs approximately 30 days to review all GMD Operating
Procedures prior to April 1st, 2015 effective date.
Andy Witmeier
Manager Regional Ops Engineering – Central Region