Rapid Build Solutions Made From Light Gauge Steel

Rapid Build Solutions
Made From Light Gauge Steel
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Production Examples Made From Eco-Steel and a Variety of Finishing Materials
Staff Accommodation
Ablution Blocks
Military Solutions
Office Space
Double Story Structures
Store Rooms
Private Housing
Eco-Steel is made from Recycled Galvanized Steel and built using a Cold Roll Forming Machine that
has inbuilt Engineering Software set to International building standards. This Software utilizes
standard building codes and data, such as load bearing, wind shear etc. to facilitate correct ratios and
structural integrity for construction purposes.
Accommodation / Barrack Unit
Average Build Time per Unit at Site 30 Days
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Covered Facility Lines
Covered 2-Line
Waste Water Treatment Facility
Oil & Gas Client
Less Than 14 Day Build at Site
Benefits of Eco-Steel:
Manufactured from a minimum of 30% Recycled Materials.
Galvanizing is throughout the steel giving it a long lifespan and has a 25 Year Non-Rust
Non-combustible, Rot resistant & immune to pests; it can be used in environments where
traditional materials, such as timber, will fail.
Steel frame buildings are more resistant to the effects of severe hurricanes, tornados &
lightning strikes due to its strength and superior earthing characteristics.
Minimise rework or costly callbacks by utilizing steel framed buildings’ inert character and
insulation techniques to minimize moisture build-up, to avoid formation of mould.
Does not have to be treated with pesticides, preservatives or glues resulting in indoor air
quality and handling benefits – making trades people and consumers happier & healthier.
Fast building solutions can be completed in 1/3 or even 1/2 the time of a conventional brick
and mortar units.
Extremely strong and lightweight, requiring less material than timber or block methods
leading to cost & labour savings.
Eco-Steel frame components are easy to transport and use, minimizing transport costs while
speeding construction time.
We offer partially assembled Units for Speed of build once on site.
Precise project budgets can be made due to the accuracy of steel frame building methods and
less material wastage.
Our framing machines pre-punch electrical and service holes, reducing time on site for
plumbers and electricians leading to reduced labour costs.
All of our structures are designed as MOVABLE ASSETS, therefore should you have to relocate
structures due to flood or relocation of sites, we can offer the disassembly and relocation of
these units up to 3 times in the course of their life while still maintaining their full structural
integrity with very little waste of lost materials due to quality products that we use.
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Double Story Units
Office Spaces & Housing
Average Completion Time 30 Days
Environmental Advantages & Impacts from Eco-Steel:
Possesses the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any
building material (including timber and block).
If these buildings have to be decommissioned, the
product can be recycled indefinitely without losing
any of its qualities.
It takes approximately a quarter acre of mature trees
to produce the wood framing for a typical house. The
same house can be Eco-Steel framed from three or
four Recycled Automobiles.
Almost half the world’s steel production now takes place in electric plants that operate
exclusively with recycled scrap and generate no CO2 emissions.
By-products arising from steel
production are all re-used. For example,
slag is employed as a high-value mineral
material for highway construction, as
ballast, and for the manufacture of cement.
The design flexibility of Eco-Steel
frame buildings enables architects to focus
on energy-efficient building features.
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Remote Site
Under Construction
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Two Bedroom Private Bungalow
Completed at Site in 30 Days
Fibre Cement Board:
Fibre cement is a long lasting building material. The main application areas are roofing and wall
cladding. Fibre Cement Board is made up from Cement, Silica, Water and Wood Pulp. It is mixed into
a pulp, transferred onto a conveyor belt, then onto a laminating roll and thin sheets rolled out, this
process is repeated with multiple layers built up to the desired thickness. Fibre cement boards and
planks are highly durable, flexible, water resistant, fire proof, resistant to insects & chemical
corrosion. It is also highly workable using normal tools; in short: it is useful in all kinds of buildings and
throughout the whole house, from the cellar to the roof!
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Fibre Cement Cladding
Samples & Imagery
Fiber Cement Board is offered in Rough or Smooth Finishes and ranges in thickness from 6mm – 18mm
depending upon areas to be used. Fibre Cement boards are mainly used as Sub-Flooring 15-18mm
and Wet Area Wall Cladding 9-10mm, plus external wall cladding as showcased above. Very little
maintenance is required once boards have been installed and finished.
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Recycled Tetra-Pak Boards
Tetra Pak Material Waste Starts
From Juice & Milk Packets
Gets Processed Down to Flakes
Finally becomes Tetra-Boards for
Wall Cladding & Ceiling Boards
Fire Retardant
Mold & Mildew Resistant
Better Insulation
Fully Recycled
IT5-UPVC Deco Sheet:
In this region, traditional corrugated metal sheets have been used.
However with the upgrade to IT5-UPVC Deco-Sheets, we have
eliminated the need for multiple layers of sheets as we can custom
cut the length of each piece so you have one seamless length of
cladding or roofing material in lengths up to 12 metres.
Custom colours can be mixed in with the material so you have no
need for annual painting upkeep. UPVC also has mild insulating properties unlike traditional
corrugated metal sheets which actually raise the temperature inside. Sound is also muffled by this
material making it easier to communicate and hear during heavy rains.
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A Kenyan made product with a fast production and custom
lengths. It has been tested for over 10 years in the Kenyan
Market already with great results. UPVC Sheets are lighter
and more durable than traditional mediums. Waste is
returned to the manufacturer for
recycling into new sheets.
Completion Times & Care of Units:
Fabrication is fast and deliveries to
site can be within 2 weeks.
Fast & Easy To Maintain
Optional Maintenance Contracts
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Kitchens Complete w/ Exhauster Hood
Ablution Blocks
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Eco-Steel Wall Panels & Roof
Trusses and Floor Panels
Mixed Medium of Traditional EcoSteel and Eco-Steel Floor Joists
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Remote Site in Tanzania
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Back of House Structures
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In Summary
Eco-Steel Africa is proud to offer a wide variety of solutions for all of your rapid build
requirements. We are a wholly owned and operated Kenyan company that believes strongly
in the value of an African product and talent that this continent has to offer.
We not only focus on the quality of build, but the impact to the environment and outlying
community. Eco-Steel offers Green Solutions that benefit both the end user and
In addition to our Eco-Structures, we provide a full solution compromising initial site visits,
layouts, mechanical and electrical designs, as well as submissions to local authorities. We can
offer waste water, hot water delivery solutions with energy solutions from solar to hybrid
options. Our one stop turn-key solution can help you with speed of construction at site,
reduction in costs and delays with sub-contractors.
We look forward to hearing from you for your future works.
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